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Over the past few years, has been significantly expanding its technology suite to provide the most innovative tools for every sector of the partnership economy: brands, agencies, creators, influencers, publishers, affiliates, businesses, and partners of all kinds.

Pressboard is a technology platform for publishers and their partners, and with this acquisition, can now empower content creators to maximize their content partnerships earning potential and value.

You can learn more about Pressboard here, and here are a few FAQs about the acquisition. 

What is the Pressboard platform?

Jerrid Grimm and Tiam Korki founded Pressboard in 2014 to solve fundamental problems they experienced as publishers creating branded content campaigns. Those problems included deciding what content to create, where to publish it, how to disclose the advertiser’s involvement, and how to analyze its effectiveness. These decisions consumed many hours as publishers slogged through spreadsheets, logged in and out of multiple platforms, and struggled to keep clients updated on campaign performance. It could take 10 or more different technology solutions to run a branded content business effectively. This fragmentation made programs costly, inefficient, and error-prone, and publishers had a hard time breaking even.

Pressboard is the global standard platform solution to this fragmentation and inefficiency. It integrates all the platforms and channels a branded content studio needs into one efficient, scalable, and centralized analytics and reporting dashboard — so publishers can make the most of every content opportunity.

Who uses Pressboard?

Pressboard builds tools primarily for content creators; however, brands and agencies tap in, too. The Pressboard Studio comprises a data aggregation and performance intelligence platform for measuring branded content, which is important for many reasons. 

Branded content is a subset of commerce content that includes immersive formats such as sponsored posts and native ads. It focuses more on storytelling and relaying a brand’s values than providing shoppable content, and about 88 percent of publishers generate at least some revenue from this channel. 

While branded content campaigns are increasingly important revenue streams for publishers, it’s still challenging to assess their effectiveness. Pressboard offers one centralized hub where publishers, brands, and agencies can evaluate their content partnerships in an easy and standardized way. 

What does the acquisition mean for the partnership economy?’s mission is to make partnerships of all kinds exciting to discover, easy to manage, and efficient to scale. As the digital landscape evolves, so must a publisher’s ability to meet the demands of consumers who now pay close attention to brand values and factor them into buying decisions.

Branded content is a tool to authentically communicate brand positioning, thought leadership and values to a broader audience. The acquisition of Pressboard puts in a better position to help more publishers capitalize on the branded content opportunity. By meeting the needs of these publishers, can accelerate growth in the content partnership ecosystem, supporting everyone involved. 

Our brand and agency clients will also be able to unleash greater revenue potential through easier access to strategic partnerships with premium publishers. 

Why Pressboard?

As digital ads become increasingly inefficient and expensive and commerce content soars in popularity both with consumers and businesses, content demand today often exceeds supply. To mitigate this imbalance, is equipping the supply side of the partnership economy with tools to scale.

Pressboard is already the technology leader in the branded content space, working with top publishers including The New York Times and USA Today. Pressboard has a team of industry experts with in-depth knowledge of the pain points involved with the lack of granular performance tracking in branded content.

In addition, Pressboard integrates perfectly into’s comprehensive, full-ecosystem technology stack, including Trackonomics, to meet the full array of supply-side partnership management needs and creates a stronger, more holistic offering to publishers. Ultimately, Pressboard builds on’s premium content offering and aligns with the ever-changing supply-side needs. 

There has been a clear trend towards consumers sourcing authentic content from both trusted publishers as well as brands themselves before making purchase decisions today. With Pressboard, publishers, agencies, and brands have a competitive advantage to be more relevant in the daily lives of consumers. To discover more about content partnerships and other alternatives to digital advertising that consumers actually trust, check out’s library of insights

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