Aligning marketers and influencers:

Shifting perspectives on influencer marketing across the funnel

influencer marketing research report

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The influencer landscape is shifting

When you discover how the perspectives of influencers differ — and align — with marketers, you can create a powerful influencer marketing engine. Read this important new research to find out just what influencers and marketers think about the industry, themselves — and each other.

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“It's working with people who are credible, authentic, and who make the right type of content that we're excited by. It's just so much more powerful to reach out to their audience who they have a really strong and trusted relationship with.”

Michael Flatt, Director of Global Integrated Marketing of Xbox

Four key findings from the research

WARC (World Advertising Research Center) and surveyed 400 influencers and 400 marketers from around the world to find out what they think about influencer marketing — and each other. Here's a taste of what you'll find in the report:


Influencer marketing is seeing increased spending, social media trends, innovation, and cultural shifts — creating new opportunities that other advertising channels can’t.


Content creators offer authenticity and deeper connections with consumers. Marketers now support influencer partnerships through direct outreach, platform solutions, and agencies.


Marketers approach influencer marketing as a long-standing partnership and notice better conversion rates the longer a brand works with an influencer.


Brands should communicate their KPIs to influencers from the start. Aligning influencer compensation to your business goals will ensure optimal results.

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