Walmart introduces its new content creator platform powered by

Walmart launched a new platform powered by This platform provides creators with the tools and resources to monetize shoppable products while allowing the retailer to collaborate directly with influencers. Walmart can recruit, manage, analyze, and engage influencer partners from Walmart Creator.

Max Ciccotosto
Chief Product Officer
Read time: 3 mins

At, we’re proud to provide the technology and tools that help creators and the brands they work with daily. That’s why we’re excited to share Walmart publicly unveiled its new content creator platform, Walmart Creator, with technology powered by

Walmart Creator is a platform that provides creators and influencers with the tools and resources they need to monetize shoppable products from the retailer. Read more about the new platform in Walmart’s press release here

This technology allows Walmart to streamline new creator partnerships while nurturing existing ones. In return, it provides the resources and connections creators need to build their content, no matter their vertical, along with offering enterprise-level brands a custom portal to recruit, manage, analyze, and engage influencer partners. 

With this solution, enterprise companies no longer need to search and vet creators and influencers manually. The platform encourages two-way engagement, where creators apply to the partnership directly through the retailer.

Creators accepted into the program get the chance to promote tens of thousands of products that align with their businesses and suit their audiences’ needs. The platform provides creators access to carefully curated product collections that inspire their next content stories. Users get unique affiliate product links to share with their audiences through social media, email lists, websites, and groups. They can then earn commissions on referral sales. 

Walmart Creator’s analytics dashboard allows them to track and view valuable performance data—helping them understand how customers engage with the products they feature in their posts. 

The platform sets the foundation for retailers and brands to engage creators and build meaningful partnerships in a way that facilitates reciprocal growth. At, we are motivated to keep creating and providing technology that helps every player in our ecosystem — from brands like Walmart to the creators they work with — form beneficial, inspiring partnerships. 

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