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New York, NY – January 10, 2013 –
The partnership will allow Impact Radius clients to leverage CPA Detective’s powerful fraud detection tools like adaptive device fingerprinting, proxy unmasking, and “big data” analysis to eradicate fraud from their online campaigns.

By optimizing the quality of traffic on the source level, companies are able to extend their marketing budgets and have greater confidence in choosing new media partners.

Online fraud is responsible for many of the inefficiencies within the online marketing world. Fraudulent transactions, which can constitute up to 30% of the traffic for an advertiser, lower the overall ROI for each marketing dollar spent on online media. By eradicating the sources of fraud, companies can recover their marketing dollars and confidently expand into new marketing channels they had previously avoided.

“CPA Detective makes it easy to build trusted relationships online,” says David Sendroff, President of the company. ”No more surprises when an affiliate’s quality is not on par with expectations. With the largest fraud database comprised of private proxies, high-risk ISP’s, botnets, and compromised computers, CPA Detective is able to tell you immediately when an affiliate, sub affiliate, or even referring domain is sending fraud.”

“We have chosen to partner with CPA Detective because they provide the most advanced technology, which offers the highest detection rates in the industry and a great support team,” says Per Pettersen, CEO of Impact Radius. “This partnership comes naturally as both companies are at the forefront of innovation within the performance marketing space.”

About Impact Radius
Founded in 2008, Impact Radius provides marketing technology solutions to results-driven companies. It delivers a fully-integrated suite of marketing technology products including easy-to-use and flexible tag management, multi-channel media tracking, call tracking, mobile tracking, conversion attribution, and advanced partner management.

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About CPA Detective
CPA Detective is the premier fraud detection solution for the performance marketing industry. Proven to increase marketing ROI and maximize campaign efficiency, CPA Detective is used by the most sophisticated marketers across all verticals. CPA Detective allows companies to make intelligent media buying decisions by leveraging predictive scoring algorithms, smart device fingerprinting, and an industry-wide Fraud Intelligence Database to provide greater transparency into the quality of each conversion and the overall traffic source. Learn more at or call 877 449 1854.

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