Season 1 | Episode 11

Perfecting your partner mix and sweating the details

The Partnership Economy

During this conversation with Josh Knopman, the Director of Growth & Digital Product at Caraway, he delves into topics concerning partnerships and marketing strategies. Throughout the discussion, you’ll gain insights into Caraway’s intriguing inception, their customer acquisition strategies, the dynamics of partnering with different entities, a comparison between partnerships and traditional advertising, leveraging the compounding effects of advertising, the hurdles associated with partnership endeavors, contemplation of compensation models, and lastly, Josh’s invaluable advice to his younger self.

Josh’s expertise lies in areas such as customer acquisition, digital product development, and data analytics. He possesses a genuine passion for consumer technology, decision theory, and digitally native brands. His educational background includes a BSc in Marketing and Supply Chain Management, which he obtained from Indiana University – Kelley School of Business.

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Episode Outline

[00:44] About Caraway

[02:54] What are Caraway customers looking for?

[04:17] Acquiring customers, revenue, and partnerships

[09:04] Identifying and working with partners

[13:15] Partnerships vs advertising

[16:48] Thinking about partnerships at Caraway

[21:38] The advertising snowball effect

[23:27] The biggest challenge dealing with partnerships

[25:15] The compensation component

[29:53] Interesting things that are top of mind

[32:11] Josh’s advice to his younger self

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