Season 1 | Episode 6

Personalization and how to reach your target customer

The Partnership Economy

During this discussion with Heidi Solchenberger, who holds the position of Senior Manager of Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships at Foot Locker, the focus is on the subjects of partnerships and marketing. Gain insights into the foremost considerations regarding partnerships, Foot Locker’s approaches to promotion, notable dynamics within the industry, and The Data Lab.

For more great insights, check out The Partnership Economy book, by David A. Yovanno. The book is available at and at all major retailers.

Episode Outline

[00:45] About Heidi and Foot Locker

[02:41] Internal affiliate roles

[03:53] Partnerships

[06:07] What keeps Heidi up at night?

[07:10] Targeting

[09:20] Promo strategies

[12:10] Interesting industry dynamics

[14:33] New B2B partnerships

[15:57] The Data Lab

[18:09] Heidi’s mentors

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