Season 1 | Episode 5

Ensuring value and relevancy through partnerships

The Partnership Economy

During this discussion with Richard Lane, who serves as the UK Lead for the eBay Partner Network, he delves into the subjects of partnerships and advancements within the industry. Discover insights into the key considerations as we approach Q4, apprehensions related to inventory fulfillment, the significance of effective communication, the influence of Generation Z on the industry, and various other captivating updates in the field.

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Episode Outline

[00:52] About EPN

[02:08] What’s top of mind for Richard?

[03:48] Communicating with partners

[05:37] Evolving partnership compensations and placement fees

[08:03] What keeps Richard up at night?

[10:01] Inventory fulfilment concerns

[12:02] Interesting industry dynamics

[15:55] Content commerce and Gen Z

[18:50] Buy Now Pay Later

[20:49] The developing industry

[24:12] Richard’s influential people

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