Season 2 | Episode 6

Taking your partnerships and customer acquisition to the next level

partnership economy

In this episode, Dave engages in a conversation with Brooke Cullison, who holds the position of Senior Acquisition Manager at Liquid IV, the premier brand in the realm of electrolytes and hydration. With a span of eight years, Brooke has garnered experience across diverse sectors, ranging from digital advertising technology to well-being, and has made an impact on all facets of digital marketing strategies. Throughout the episode, Brooke elaborates on her comprehensive approach to marketing and elucidates her fervor for leveraging digital platforms and collaborations to efficiently enhance customer procurement and sustenance while keeping expenses in check. Dave and Brooke also deliberate on the potential of partnerships to expedite business expansion, along with insights into progressing the partnership initiative towards greater diversity. The episode is replete with invaluable guidance and practicable pointers, offering insights into elevating your partnership endeavors and augmenting customer acquisition strategies.

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