Season 2 | Episode 8

All things influencer marketing

The partnership Economy

In this podcast installment, Dave engages in a conversation with Becca Bahrke, who serves as the CEO of Illuminate Social, an emerging firm specializing in talent management and brand strategy. The focal point of their discussion revolves around the realm of influencer marketing. Becca recounts her professional journey, commencing within a conventional media agency, which ignited her curiosity about brand collaborations. This curiosity eventually steered her toward talent management as a career path. With a fervent dedication to advocating for content creators, Becca recognizes the significance of fruitful brand partnerships and remains attuned to the latest trends in the influencer sphere. Central to her approach is the core principle of leading with empathy and exemplifying a role model for aspiring female leaders. Throughout this episode, Dave and Becca delve into the intricacies of brand partnerships, elucidating optimal approaches to forging such connections from both the brand’s vantage point and the creator’s stance. The discourse extends to actionable insights concerning choice platforms and content formats. Notably, Dave introduces the inaugural Lightning Round segment in this episode, making it a rewarding listen right through to the conclusion.

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