Season 2 | Episode 7

Building effective teams, affiliate marketing and engaging consumers on the buyer journey

Partnership Economy podcast

In this podcast installment, Todd Crawford, the host, engages in a conversation with Kendal Clarke, who holds the position of Chief Commerce Officer at VerticalScope. Their dialogue delves into the operational sphere of VerticalScope, its significance within the consumer journey, the pivotal role of user-generated content, and the establishment of consumer trust—essentially encompassing all facets of the partnership economy. Drawing from her decade-long background in corporate development and digital media strategy, Kendal imparts a wealth of sagacious perspectives throughout the episode. Currently serving as the CCO at VerticalScope, she assumes a critical function in identifying and broadening novel revenue avenues while overseeing all aspects of commerce strategy. Kendal’s proficiencies span fostering proficient and operational teams, navigating affiliate marketing, adept negotiation, and formulating market strategies. Consequently, this particular episode is replete with invaluable insights spanning these themes.

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