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For those of us familiar with late 80s–early 90s TV commercials, a few well-known slogans and jingles still ring in our heads. But the one slogan that sticks out in my mind comes from HairClub, a hair restoration and regrowth company. 

In every commercial, the company’s president (who sported a classic 80s man bouffant) would famously utter, “I’m not only the HairClub president, but I’m also a client.” To my young eyes and ears, this refreshingly authentic testimonial cut through the noise of hokey sitcom dialogue and really resonated. I was impressed with the credible account that spoke to the positive results that HairClub products produced. 

What happens when you become your own client

Today we call it “drinking your own champagne,” or, in the case of animal lovers, “eating your own dog food.” These two phrases explain the same concept: demonstrating your product’s value by using it yourself to achieve the same goals you evangelize to your clients.

I’m excited to announce that Impact has done just that itself. We now use our own suite of products to power our very own Referral Partner Program. 

Just like our clients, we leverage our partnership automation platform to discover and onboard partners, distribute links and assets, track attribution, establish electronic contract terms, and clear payments. In a nutshell, Impact is now a client of Impact! 

How does the Referral Partner Program work? 

Our Referral Partner Program is fully open to content creators, publications, and visionaries that interface with brands interested in growth through partnerships. 

Not only do our partners earn aggressive commissions for referring prospects that turn into paying customers, they also have access to marketing and enablement resources exclusively available through the program. After our recent round of $150M in venture capital funding, We’re excited to bring partners in to join us on our journey to further shape the partnership automation ecosystem. 

Apply to be a referral partner

If you’re interested in joining the Referral Partner Program, you’ll find more information here. Or reach out to

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