An investment in our future — with David A. Yovanno has raised $150 million in new venture capital funding, valuing the company at $1.5 billion and surpassing $100 million in annual recurring revenue. The investment validates the significance and growth potential of partnerships, leading to further innovation and global support for brands, agencies, and publishers, defining the next wave of growth for both Impact and its partners.

Investing in the future
David A. Yovanno
David A. Yovanno
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I’m incredibly excited to share that has secured  $150 million in new venture capital funding, valuing the company at $1.5 billion. Additionally, we have officially surpassed $100 million in annual recurring revenue, a level of scale very few companies ever reach. And it’s something that we are proud of, knowing that this size, scale, and high growth momentum is a proxy for the value and the opportunity for all of us in the partnerships ecosystem. This investment further validates the importance and growth potential that lies within partnerships, and the opportunity we all have to drive it forward. 

Further investment in our technology, global support and marketplace for partnerships is important to your business, and we appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us to that end. Impact will continue to further accelerate platform innovation, access to more partnerships and global support for brands, agencies, and publishers. Major investors have made a significant investment to research both the partnerships category and Impact as a company. They have made a bet on the market leader, and I look forward to continuing to build out something that defines the next wave of growth for both of our companies and our professional careers. 

I recorded a short video for you about this milestone and what it means for the industry. We are grateful to our team, partners, clients, investors and all other players in our ecosystem for believing in the power of partnerships. This momentum is driving everyone forward and upward: publishers, agencies, small businesses, big brands, technology partners and everyone in between. And I’m proud that Impact is in a stronger position now to continue to do its part to help sustain that momentum into the future.

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