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With every new year comes a lot of fresh beginnings, new commitments, and personal pledges for self-improvement. Getting fit, eating better, ditching bad habits — these are common resolutions we make on January 1. And where do consumers look for guidance, motivation, and inspiration to stick with their resolutions? Often, it’s the Instagram influencers they love and trust. That’s why health and fitness influencers are such a great channel to reach consumers in the market for everything from boutique fitness to vitamin supplements.

With the Partnership Cloud’s Enhanced Discovery function, you’ll find all kinds of influencers who can help you reach your target audience with the right resolution message. 

Find the ideal Instagram influencer for 2020 in our influencer database

In our database of more than 60K potential partners, you can browse and recruit content creators not only by category, region, and follower count, but also by engagement and audience quality, whether or not they’re Instagram verified, Alexa rank, and dozens of other criteria. Our discovery tool makes it easy to find partners who are right in line with your business goals and brand. 

Here are some of our top picks among healthy lifestyle influencers in popular resolution categories: 

New Years Resolution Influencers: Being Body Positive

Training4MyLife: Donesha Bolden’s transformation

Britney: Where healthy eats, workouts, and her journey collide

Stacy Toth: Real food, talk, beauty

Rachel Rhee: Sharing an honest view on life

New Years Resolution Influencers: Focus on Fitness

Sarah Lam: Inspiring movement in all forms

Amanda Jayne: Holistic health and fitness

Karl Henry Health: Personal trainer

Jillian Nicole: Helping women build strong bodies and stronger minds

Tiffany McFadyen: Fundraiser by day and fitness coach by night

Marci Nevin: Helping high-achieving women lose fat forever

Morgan Rees: Personal trainer

Jillian Paige: Trainer and mental health fanatic

Christopher Rocchio: Optimizing health and fitness

Zoey Panzarino: Health and fitness coach

New Years Resolution Influencers: Eating for Health

Joy McCarthy: Food, family, and fun

Diane Smith: Eat smarter, live longer

Kevin Curry: Living life healthier and happier

Jenna Braddock: Doable health, nutrition, and fitness

Andrea Beaman: Ancient healing wisdom for modern people

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Osteopathic nutrition

Megan Roosevelt: Real food recipes, family, and wellness

New Years Resolution Influencers: Mindful Living

Valeria Hinojosa: Lifestyle with a conscience

Health Clinic: Sharing tips on health, psyche, mindfulness, parenting, and play

Joe Holder: Founder of the Ocho System

Sonia Jhas: Award-winning health and fitness expert

Roxie Nafousi: Emotional health advisor

Tara Evelyn: Health and wellness

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Content creators, join our influencer database

Content creators — Want to maximize your exposure to potential partners?  You can apply to the Impact Marketplace in just a few clicks, and we’ll help you connect with top brands looking for a voice like yours.

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