Influencer Jessica Neistadt Talks Authenticity, Trust, and Why Partners Need Partners Too

Jessica Neistadt, a successful lifestyle influencer since 2013, prioritises her audience’s trust and values clear communication with the brands she collaborates with. She emphasises maintaining a genuine connection with her followers and seeks to provide value to both her audience and brand partners.

Authenticity, Trust
Molly Doyle Young
Associate Manager of Product Marketing
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Jessica Neistadt has been a successful lifestyle influencer since 2013, building her partnership network not on celebrity status, but on a platform and audience she created organically. As a result, she’s very mindful of preserving her own voice and protecting the trust of her followers.

“Having a good relationship with my audience is really important—I want them to know I’m not just selling them a load of nothing,” she says. 

While her audience is always her top priority, she’s also committed to bringing value to the brands she works with—and she’s a stickler for good communication. “I want their vision and what their expectations are to be very clear to me so I can create the best possible content that also fits within my brand and voice,” she notes.

Put Audience First, and Success Follows

To facilitate clear partner communication and stay focused on her creative work, Jessica actually has a manager of her own. He serves as her liaison with brands, builds those relationships, and streamlines everything for Jessica so she can meet expectations efficiently and stay tuned into her followers.

Even with performance tracking, Jessica is thinking about her audience connection as well as her own performance. “I like to know what kind of impact I have on my audience and how they connect with me,” she adds. “So if 20% of my audience is buying the products that I recommend, it shows that I have a good relationship and it solidifies the fact that I have built that trust.”

Learn more about how Jessica Neistadt keeps it real for her audience and her partners in this video. Or find out more about influencer partnerships from an Impact growth technologist by emailing

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