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Think Samsung, and you think cutting-edge electronics, from TVs to digital appliances. But what keeps Samsung’s consumers faithful are the experiences they have on those devices, and that’s where Samsung’s content and services partnerships come in.

To help consumers engage with its devices in meaningful ways, Samsung has created a wide array of services such as a web browser, a mobile payment system, and its own AI assistant called Bixby. 

“What we do in partnerships is to find ways for partners to tie into those services for meaningful, relevant engagements with consumers,” says Stephen Chu, Senior Director for Strategic Partnerships at Samsung.  “Ultimately, partnerships enable us to innovate on the products we already have and provide value to consumers.” 

For example, with Samsung Pay and Mobile Wallet, Samsung builds in deals and offers and cashback opportunities from partners to make the base application experience more valuable. Users of the Samsung internet browser can access a dropdown of travel, news, and ecommerce partners to discover fresh and relevant content, sometimes highly curated to their interests.

Samsung has great relationships with partners that help it sell devices, but it also seeks out partners that enrich the user experience. Sometimes those partners come to them, and according to Chu, sometimes Impact facilitates those relationships. “Impact helps us make connections that enable us to move faster and to grow.”

Watch the video now to learn more about how Samsung uses the Impact platform to innovate through partnerships. (Or contact a growth technologist now at

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