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One thing we know—the world has gone mobile, and so have their purchases. A growing number of consumer purchases are happening in-app. In fact, an astonishing 70% of mobile transactions occur in-app, and in-app’s share of all conversions (including desktop) has gone up 22% year over year.  Consequently, it is vital for partnership managers to drive partner traffic directly into apps to get results, which is why Impact developed TrueLink™, a deep linking solution.

How TrueLink works

If you don’t use deep linking for your partner traffic, you “don’t pass go, don’t collect $200,” quite possibly literally if you lose a customer because of clunky user experience. TrueLink keeps that from happening, directing users to your mobile webpage, in-app product page, or the app store download page—automatically and seamlessly.

No intensive integrations, no headaches using API-based TrueLink

Other solutions can require partners to undergo intensive integrations. With TrueLink, partners don’t need to change a thing to begin driving traffic into your app—so it’s easy to scale across your whole program. SDKs can be a pain to integrate and bloat your app, causing slowdowns. API-based TrueLink optimized performance and minimizes development time.

Automatic attribution for your partners

It’s one thing to deep link users into your app; it’s another to consistently credit the partners who got them there. Impact’s tracking lets you always reward the right partner for each in-app conversion—automatically and with ease. Plus, you get the in-depth data from Impact’s tracking, so you always understand the role and value each partner brings to your customer’s journey.

Why Ticketmaster uses TrueLink

TrueLink has already proven itself valuable to enterprises. Ticketmaster’s Senior Director of Affiliate Marketing Brooke Feinberg, noted, “We’ve experienced phenomenal growth on the Impact platform. The support for native integrations and ability to drive traffic directly into our app has been invaluable for us.”

Find out more about how Impact streamlines your partner traffic into apps—download our one sheet or reach out to a growth technologist at

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