Why impact.com’s Attribution Solution Is Award-winning

Altitude by impact.com was awarded “Best Attribution Solution” by The Drum. Its key features include real-time data control, flexible attribution modeling, and a comprehensive suite of capabilities, as demonstrated by successful case studies from McAfee and Follett.

Attribution Solution
Jaime Singson
Jaime Singson
Senior Director of Product and Content Marketing Manager
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Recently, global media organization The Drum chose Altitude by impact.com as the “Best Attribution Solution”—what a thrill to have our attribution innovations recognized officially! What sets Altitude apart? Let’s look at the top three features that ensure our customers always have the most insightful marketing intelligence at their fingertips.

Top 3 reasons customers choose impact.com’s attribution solution

Altitude by impact.com is a powerful unified marketing measurement solution that provides the why behind performance, so marketers are empowered to make smarter decisions. That’s the big reason our customers choose us—but it’s also because we solve their most vexing, and potentially disastrous, problems in attribution and beyond. Here are the top three challenges we solve.

1. Control over all your data

Problem 1:

Marketers were overwhelmed with data, but lack actionable insights to drive incremental growth.

Altitude solution: Give greater control of all your data—and in real-time.

Altitude gives marketers full control of their real-time marketing data (whether at the aggregate or event level) so they can use it wherever needed. No waiting days or weeks to gain a full view of what is happening each moment of a customer’s journey toward purchase–marketers can evaluate as it happens. Plus, advertisers have the choice of slicing and dicing their data in Altitude’s platform, or extracting and inserting their raw data into their own internal reporting systems.

2. Flexible and transparent attribution modeling

Problem 2:

Marketers question the validity of black box models and recommendations.

Altitude solution: Provide flexibility and transparency in modeling.

Marketers use Altitude to design their own attribution model to meet any business rule. Plus, marketers can choose between static, or rules-based attribution or a dynamic model, which uses machine learning. Having the flexibility to customize models is important because prefabricated rules-based models are usually not versatile enough to account for unique preferences and circumstances across brands, products, and companies.

Altitude’s Model Builder provides a UI for users to customize any of their attribution models, control model properties such as the lookback window, decay half-life and even define custom attribution business rules and values.

3. Full, automated suite of capabilities

Problem 3:

Marketers were frustrated at not being able to see the true performance of their entire campaigns—which made it hard to allocate and justify their budgets.

Altitude solution: Holistic and transparent, Altitude provides a full range of capabilities,

such product-level attribution, multi-funnel conversion reports, lifetime value metrics and specialized integrations with technology partners, so your data can be ingested, normalized, and compared from an equal standing.

How do we do this? Altitude pulls data from a wide range of sources, including:

  • Affiliate/CPA networks
  • Comparison shopping sites
  • Adtech display/video platforms
  • Ad networks/exchanges
  • Native platforms
  • Social platforms
  • Paid search platforms
  • Retargeters
  • Mobile SDKs
  • Customer data consolidation platforms

Increasing customers, improving ROI: Case studies on Altitude’s attribution

These solutions aren’t just pie-in-the-sky claims—clients in the real world, making million-dollar decisions, endorse what Altitude has done for their campaigns. For example:

  1. By leveraging Altitude, McAfee achieved a 9% increase in new customers, which was 150% over their original goals. Typically, new customer acquisition drives down average order value (AOV)—but in this case, Altitude helped prevent a decrease in AOV, and in fact, increased it by 0.7%. These stellar results prompted House of Kaizen Account Director Veronika Starell to remark, “The decision-making required for multichannel marketing is complex at the best of times and heavily reliant on data. impact.com’s Altitude platform provided that single view of the full customer journey that we required and was able to accommodate our constantly evolving data needs to help us become more efficient marketers.”
  2. Follett, via Rise Interactive, used Altitude to optimize its paid search strategy, achieving a 69% increase in PPC revenue and a 44% increase in their program’s ROI. They also used the savings derived from insights coming out of Altitude to increase their active PPC keyword base by 300%. Todd Martin, Senior Manager of Measurement at Rise Interactive, shared his thoughts about working with Altitude, “As a leading agency in the digital marketing space, Rise Interactive is always seeking ways to deliver ever greater value to our clients. With Altitude’s powerful attribution capabilities and service-ready onboarding team, we have a tool to help our clients optimize their media across and within channels to achieve the greatest possible ROI for every marketing dollar spent.”

Find out more about how the award-winning Altitude by impact.com can help you make smarter decisions—reach out to a growth technologist at sales@impact.com.

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