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When customers click on one of your partner’s referring URLs, whether on desktop, on the mobile web, or from inside an app, they expect to be directed to a specific location relevant to the link they clicked. The more specific the URL, the more specific the page or app customers expect. For example:

  • Click a link for a recommended camera on a review site, and you expect to deep link directly to the product page for that camera SKU. 
  • If you land instead on a generic retail home page, well, you have to be pretty motivated to continue. 

Keeping consumers engaged and getting them as close to conversion as possible is at the heart of mobile deep linking, and the ideal is to drive customers directly to your app, which is known to get better business results compared to the mobile web:

Compared to mobile web, in-app conversion rates are 3x higher. Compared to mobile web, in-app average order value (AOV) is 140% higher.*

It’s complicated, so let’s take a look

Although mobile deep linking is essentially just enabling the smooth navigation between websites, webpages, apps, and app “pages,” there’s a lot of complex routing, tracking, and fallback behavior that must happen along the way. The diagram shows the ins and outs of the process:

  • When we tap a link and already have the corresponding app installed, we want to be routed to the right place within that app. 
  • If we don’t have that app, we expect to be taken either to an alternate mobile web page or to the app store to download it. 
  • We might even be provided a choice: take us to the right page on the mobile web or in the app store so I can install it and continue on with my experience. 
  • Once we’ve installed and opened the app, we expect not only for it to open where we left off, but also to be loaded with any credits, offers, or rebates we may have been promised along the way. 

Clearly,  there’s a lot going on between the click and the checkout, and that’s even before the partner payout. This is why it’s vital for there to be a way to recognize if the consumer has the app installed, facilitate app installation if needed, deep link to the right page in-app, and then credit the partner who originated the click. 

Making things seamless (for everyone)

The right partnership platform can deliver a single link that checks all these boxes for you, including attribution tracking—that’s where Impact’s innovative all-in-one platform comes in. Everything can be handled behind the curtain with no extra work for your partners.

Whether app-to-app, web-to-app, web-to-store-to-app, or app-to-store-to-app, all scenarios can ultimately direct users to a specific place in your app and track your partner referrals seamlessly—Impact does it with our innovative TrueLinkTM, our no-fuss, API-based deep link tool. With the right technology, users will have an optimal experience, regardless of the device they’re using or if they have your app installed. You can capture the higher conversion rates, AOVs, and greater purchase frequency of the in-app experience while optimizing the value of your partnerships.

Take a deep dive into deep linking (and learn about Impact’s TrueLinkTM) or talk to a growth specialist at

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