Non-Traditional Partnerships Worth Barking About


If you were asked to name a few different types of media partners, what would you think of? Blogs? Coupon sites? Comparison shopping engines? What about animal shelters?

No? Neither would we. But Barkbox did and its willingness to think outside the box (no pun intended) has made a world of difference.

A couple of years ago, Barkbox launched a program to partner with animal shelters to promote its toy-and-treat-filled subscription boxes to new puppy parents; the commissions were donated to the shelters. This arrangement worked really well for Barkbox, which saw increases in sales but it was also successful for the participating shelters which benefited from their fundraising efforts on behalf of the puppies. But there was a problem: the entire process was manual and time-consuming, right down to cutting individual checks each quarter. At one point, in fact, the manual process of managing the relationships and logistics became too much to handle, and the program was shuttered for all but a handful of shelters.

That’s when the Barkbox affiliate marketing team stepped in. They decided to relaunch the program, this time, taking advantage of the automated payout and reporting features on the Impact Radius platform. Now, Barkbox is in the process of onboarding over 400 shelters and looking to expand the program in the new year. For the complete story, read the case study here.

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