5 brands with proven incremental growth strategies

Find out how brands such as HubSpot and Corkcicle grew revenue by 50 and 600 percent, respectively. You can also succeed by tracking incremental value with impact.com’s powerful, purpose-built tools, optimizing each step of the partnership life cycle and increasing revenue growth across the board.

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Ryan Council
Ryan Council
Product Marketing Manager
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The right partnership management platform, such as impact.com, propels incremental growth by highlighting top performers, opportunities for expansion, and ways to access new markets. 

The impact.com team defines incrementality as the positive outcomes happening solely because of a specific marketing channel or partner. Tracking incremental value helps you: 

  • Maximize the marketing budget
  • Pay partners accurately
  • Optimize performance across all partnerships

Learn how brands like Decathlon Canada and HubSpot used impact.com as a magic wand to promote incrementality and conjure impressive results.  

Key takeaways
  • Incrementality is an event or desired outcome happening solely because of the contribution from a marketing channel or partner.
  • Decathlon Canada analyzes reports such as the Behavior or Benchmark report to drive partner performance—increasing team efficiency by 20 percent and affiliate revenue by 533 percent.
  • Corkcicle leverages Optimize reports to identify top-performing partners, improving eCommerce revenue by 10 percent.
  • HubSpot incentivizes partners using performance insights to implement a reward structure with Dynamic Payouts.
  • Rugs Direct uses multi-touch attribution to accurately credit revenue-generating partners.
  • Mapiful migrates to impact.com and uses partner Insights to enrich the customer journey

Discover how 5 brands optimized partnerships for incremental growth

The innovative features and services on impact.com were built with incremental growth in mind. Users can pinpoint the real-world contributions from each partner, marketing channel, and campaign with Optimize. The impact.com suite of Optimize reports includes the following:

  • Contribution report tracks each partner’s contribution to the customer journey to determine which partners provide true incremental value. 
  • Crediting Concerns report helps you credit partners proportionately for the value they drive
  • Events Funnel report investigates specific trends by understanding your customer’s conversion rate at each step of the funnel—all broken down by partner.
  • Benchmark report compares key metrics to the segment performance to identify gaps and potential opportunities. 

Rewarding incremental value ensures your resources, teammates, and partners stay focused on your key company goals—just like these top brands. 

1. Decathlon Canada analyzes reports to drive partner performance

Decathlon—one of the largest sports retail brands worldwide—efficiently expanded into Canada by diversifying its partner mix to break into the new market. The team used impact.com’s in-depth reporting function to improve team efficiency by 20 percent and ensure optimal partner performance.  

  • The Behavior report gave context into customer behavior at multiple levels, including partner, ad, partner group, and deal. 
  • The Customer Value report helped implement a commission strategy incentivizing partners to drive incremental sales.
  • The Benchmark report ranked partners against the segment size to identify top-performing partners in the program. 

Within six months, affiliate revenue rose by an astounding 533 percent, and conversion rates increased by 182 percent after three years.

A quote by David Zagury focusing on the impact.com partnership platform

2. HubSpot incentivizes partners with Dynamic Payouts to increase demand 

As a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Hubspot helps users streamline marketing, sales, website management, and more. The team’s use of impact.com’s performance report facilitated data-driven conversations with partners to adjust efforts for better results.  

Quote made by Nancy Harnett on metrics

With performance insights, the Hubspot team implemented a three-tiered compensation structure with Dynamic Payouts to drive demand.

  • Tier 1. HubSpot affiliate partners receive a 30 percent commission on every signup that converts to a paid subscription.
  • Tier 2. Super affiliate partners receive a 30 percent commission on every signup that converts to a paid subscription plus additional bonuses.
  • Tier 3. Elite affiliate partners receive custom commissions based on their performance in the HubSpot program

With impact.com’s help, HubSpot increased affiliate revenue and signups by more than 50 percent. It also substantially boosted earnings per click (EPC).

3. Corkcicle identifies top-performing partners, growing affiliate revenue by 178 percent

When the lifestyle hydration brand Corkcicle wanted to increase traffic and revenue growth, its digital marketing partner (WITHIN) recommended impact.com. 

WITHIN used impact.com’s Optimize reports to tune its partnership game plan finely. Taking a holistic, data-driven approach, the team examined how top-performing partners drove incremental sales. These insights helped position the affiliate channel to expand its reach and drive more prospects down the marketing funnel.

By leaning on impact.com’s reports (and spending each marketing dollar accordingly), Corkcicle improved eCommerce revenue by 10 percent overall

A quote made by Amanda Nelson on the affiliate channel

4. Rugs Direct leveraged multi-touch attribution to accurately credit partners

Rugs Direct offers customers high-quality rugs in thousands of unique designs. On top of traditional marketing methods, the team saw massive potential in their new partnership channel. The impact.com platform enabled Rugs Direct to recruit valuable influencers and creators easily—basing commission rates on the incremental value provided by each partner. 

Data Lab by impact.com allowed the team to build custom reports to gain visibility into sales down to the product level and unique insights into performance. Rugs Direct made improved, data-backed decisions with access to vital information like top-sales products, high-achieving partners, and best-performing campaigns.

The platform’s attribution tools changed the game for Rugs Direct. With multi-touch attribution, the team fairly and accurately credits partners based on the value provided. Tracking only the last-click had previously deflated performance for key marketing channels. U-shaped attribution allowed the team to reward partners at the top and bottom of the sales funnel.

Rugs Direct onboarded over 200 new partners in one year alone—on top of 600 percent revenue growth

A quote made by Mike wagner on the technology provided by impact.com

5. Mapiful uses Partner Insights to enrich the customer journey

Mapiful—a custom map and poster brand—wanted to connect with high-quality partners by switching to a more user-friendly platform. The Mapiful team migrated to impact.com—a platform with customizable reporting tools, powerful analytics, and a streamlined user experience in one place. 

A quote made by Morgane Kaminski on moving to the impact.com platform

Above finding influencers that met their specific criteria, the Mapiful team leveraged the Partner Insights feature to identify partners who contributed to the brand’s customer journey.

The Contribution Report assessed partner incrementality—identifying partners that contributed at every touchpoint. Mapiful recruited these large partners for other opportunities, such as sponsored posts. 

By facilitating partnerships through impact.com, Mapiful onboarded 13,000 new partners in a year and enjoyed a 1,200 percent revenue boost

Make incrementality your partnership foundation

Move to a partnership management platform that will galvanize your efforts to achieve your unique business goals—driving incremental success. Brands such as Skyscanner enjoyed a seamless migration process to impact.com and subsequently raised bookings by 77 percent. With the right platform on your side, you can do the same.

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