How creators use AI to increase brand awareness and audience reach

Recently, AI and influencer marketing have gained immense popularity. Learn how you can use the power of AI to create influencer marketing campaigns that brands and your audience will love. 

creators use ai to increase brand awareness
Autumn Witter
Autumn Witter
Marketing Manager and SEO Strategist at HubSpot
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The digital age has reshaped traditional marketing in many ways. As a professional creator, you are key in driving this transformation. Two of the most significant shifts have been the rise of influencer marketing and AI technology as key marketing growth drivers. 

In 2023, influencer marketing grew into a $21.1 billion industry—an increase of 29 percent from $16.4 billion in 2022. Additionally, the global AI market size is expected to be worth $407 billion by 2027.

But can you use AI to increase social media engagement and earn more money? Of course, you can!

AI may feel daunting, but it’s pretty simple if you have the right tools. Explore using AI to optimize reach, gain more followers, and find the right brands to partner with. 

The convergence of artificial Intelligence and influencer marketing 

AI empowers computer systems to mimic human intelligence. AI systems can see and analyze just as humans do but with lightning speed and precision. These tools reshape tasks that once needed human thought—from recognizing faces in photos to predicting the next big trend. 

The digital age is about speed, personalization, and staying ahead of the curve.  Artificial intelligence sifts through mountains of data to discover what followers want to hear and see. It also helps you understand audience behavior better. For influencer strategies, this leads to more tailored content, saving time, and campaigns that are more likely to hit the mark.

Using AI to partner with brands that match your style

Have you ever worked with a brand that didn’t fit your style and aesthetic? You probably didn’t get the best campaign results. Why? Because people can spot disingenuous posts from a mile away. To find brands that align with your values and interests, consider using an influencer marketing platform like / creator.

Here are some ways that a creator platform uses AI to streamline your relationships with brands.

Find the right brand match with intuitive marketplace tools 

Getting lucrative deals with brands can be challenging. It takes a lot of outreach to marketing managers to land gigs. Instead of sending individual emails to brands, you can use a marketplace to get exclusive access to top brands. 

When joining a platform, you become part of a comprehensive database of influencers where brands can easily find you. Plus, you can reach out to brands by searching, filtering, and applying for campaigns aligning with your audience and values.

Build long-term partnerships through automated outreach

Using AI allows you to build relationships outside your social channels and websites. Automated outreach makes keeping close contact with brands easy throughout the recruitment and creative process. 

Manage campaigns without manual effort

Platforms with a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools make managing and scaling partnerships easy. You can view all your tasks, partners, and deadlines. Use a platform to submit your content, automate social metric reports to brands, and get feedback. Use analytics to see where your content drives the biggest impact and where to shift your focus. 

Diversify your income streams with quick search tools 

AI enables you to diversify your income and increase earnings by generating unique promo codes and affiliate links. Generate these assets from any website on your desktop or with a mobile app. Redeem gifts for content creation that brands will automatically send out and get new product recommendations.

Increase your chances of having creative freedom

Although brands rely on influencers for fresh and unique content, some keep tight reins on what gets posted. This may cause conflict. Marketplaces help facilitate negotiations to ensure you get enough creative control while the brand still gets presented in a way that benefits them. 

Get paid what you’re worth

Getting paid fairly may be a sore point for you. You don’t want to ask for too much and chase brands away, but you also want to get paid enough for all your hard work. This is why using a creator platform with clear contract terms is essential. You can negotiate terms to ensure you get paid on time and fairly for your contributions. 

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content creator Madi B Webb explains the art of negotiating a fair contract with brands:

Madi also delves into the importance of asking brands for payment types that work best for you: 

With a platform, you can choose from different payment methods, such as flat fees, commission, or pay-per-post. Lastly, a good platform automates your tax compliance. 

Key AI tools for influencer content generation

There’s a myth that influencer marketing is a simple job. As a creator, you know this couldn’t be further from the truth. Creating posts that grab attention takes time and commitment. Luckily, AI tools can cut creation time and make managing your influencer campaigns a breeze. 

Create captivating social media copy with social caption generators

Tools like HubSpot’s Social Caption Generator help you create social copy that captures your audience. You only need to input a short post description to generate a caption. Next, refine it automatically by entering specifics about your audience and the desired tone.

Whether it’s the word limit of X or the aesthetic appeal of Instagram, these tools tailor content for each platform, maximizing impact and engagement.

Write blogs that resonate with your audience 

You’ve probably spent much time staring at a black screen if you’re a blogger. Fortunately, you can bust writer’s block with tools like HubSpot’s AI Blog Writer. This tool has algorithms trained on vast datasets, producing content that reads like a human wrote it. 

One of the most impressive features of AI blog writers is their ability to build upon prompts and questions. Rather than starting from scratch, you can provide AI with a basic idea or topic to expand upon. From here, the tool can flesh out an outline or an entire blog. 

This starting point helps you craft detailed, engaging, and informative content in a fraction of the time it would take manually. 

These tools also help with topic ideas, researching, structuring, editing, and ensuring content aligns with your brand’s tone of voice. Since AI cuts down on manual labor, you have more time to focus on engaging with your audiences. 

Generate click-worthy newsletters with AI email writer assistants

When sending out emails to keep your audience informed, using a tool like HubSpot’s AI Email Writer could boost your copy.  This tool has you covered from perfecting catchy subject lines to writing a persuasive CTA. Simply fill out the form, and a complete automated email will be sent to you. 

Other platforms like HubSpot’s Sales Chrome extension dive deep into analytics to understand metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and user interactions. Analyzing this data helps refine your newsletter campaigns to give your audience content relevant to their lives. 

Craft eye-catching design assets with a chat assistant

With tools like ChatSpot AI, you can generate images in different styles for your social media or website content. The image templates include a set of predefined styles. However, you can request images in other styles, such as:

  • 3D-model
  • Analog film, 
  • Anime
  • Cinematic
  • Comicbook
  • Digital art
  • Fantasy art

To create an image, navigate to and log into your account. You can type a prompt into the chat function or choose from the image templates.

Addressing limitations with AI usage for influencer marketing 

While AI has revolutionized the landscape of influencer marketing, it’s essential to acknowledge that it’s not a silver bullet. Sure, it can streamline operations, enhance content reach, and boost earnings. But, like any tool, it has its limitations.

Remember that AI mimics human intelligence—it doesn’t replace it. While AI can generate social captions, email drafts, and even blog posts, it cannot perfectly replicate a human creator’s unique voice, style, or creativity. Your authentic touch truly engages your audience and builds lasting connections.

Additionally, AI may fall short when it comes to understanding subtle nuances in language and cultural contexts. It’s great at analyzing data and identifying patterns, but it might miss out on the emotional undertones that only a human can understand. This limitation could potentially impact your content’s relatability and resonance with your audience.

Regarding brand partnerships, negotiating contracts or building relationships with brands takes a human touch. AI can’t currently replicate the subtle nuances of empathy, negotiation, and relationship-building. 

Ethical considerations when it comes to AI

As you dive into AI-enhanced influencer marketing, it’s crucial to remember that great power comes with great responsibility. Ethical considerations are central to how brands use AI responsibly and effectively.

Undoubtedly, AI can be a game-changer in understanding your audience’s behavior better, optimizing your reach, and building robust partnerships. But the data you’re dealing with represents real people with real privacy concerns. Respecting data privacy and using AI responsibly is not just about compliance with regulations like GDPR or CCPA—it’s about building trust with your audience. 

Moreover, while AI tools can generate content, maintaining authenticity is important. AI should enhance your unique voice, not replace it. You need to ensure that using AI doesn’t lead to plagiarism or creating misleading content. Honesty and authenticity are key components of ethical influencer marketing.

Combine the power of AI and influencer marketing for successful campaigns 

Technology amplifies human potential, but it can’t replace it. AI isn’t about substituting your unique voice or style. Instead, it’s about enhancing your content’s reach, efficiency, and impact. As the popularity of AI grows, creators need to keep up-to-date with the latest technology trends. As a creator, you should use AI to supplement your content and create authentic posts that resonate with people. 

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FAQs about using AI for influencer marketing

How can AI be used in influencer marketing?

AI can be used for creating content, such as social captions, social images, blogs, and emails. Additionally, it can be used to find partners, manage content, provide analytics, and automate payments.

What is a creator platform? 

An influencer marketing platform is software that helps automate the influencer campaign process. End-to-end platforms like help you find like-minded partners, manage campaigns, and gain deep insights into analytics.

Will AI ever replace influencers? 

While AI may lack some human touch for more creative tasks, it can solve several challenges and streamline some influencer processes. CMO at, Cristy Garcia, notes that although AI streamlines processes, it can’t perfectly replicate human intelligence:


“The great writers will become better, analysts will become smarter. It’ll improve our lives for the better. I just want to be very clear about that, but some things just can’t be done without human intelligence. So I feel like if your goal with influencer marketing is to reach real people how they want to be reached, there’s an element of authenticity that has to be there that can’t be there with just AI. It’s just going to be missing that human connection and empathy.”

Author bio: Autumn Witter is a HubSpot Marketing Manager and SEO Strategist. She’s also a graduate of the illustrious Howard University. You can find her in the recording studio when she’s not talking about SEO.

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