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Broaden the Scope of Your Partnerships – Consolidated on a Single Platform

No matter which department in your organization is responsible for them


Affiliate marketers boast unparalleled insights, maximum flexibility and easy workflows for managing their coupon, rewards, loyalty and cashback sites, and other eCommerce partners.

Social Influencers

Influencer marketers can finally gauge the true value each partner contributes to a conversion, as well as the true influence of their program against other marketing channels.

Strategic Business Partners

Business development managers can ditch the manual workflows. Flexible electronic contracting, powerful tracking, and automated payment processing make it easy to manage even the most complex B2B partnerships.

Mobile App

Mobile marketers know that apps deliver 70% of transactions with 3x the conversion rate vs mobile web. Rely on a platform that supports all your mobile partnership needs with capabilities like cross-device tracking, deeplinking and more.

Premium Publishers, News, and Content

Performance marketers can look to a growing list of premium publishers and content sites that have opened up their inventory to performance-based payment models.


Program managers need a single place to handle all sorts of ambassadors, from customer advocates to local market representatives to attain wider online and offline reach.



How BarkBox is Managing Traditional and Non-Traditional Partners with Radius

In this video, Kirk Hausman, Senior Growth Marketing Manager, BarkBox, explains how his organization iis managing traditional and non-traditional partners with Radius.

Contract Smarter

Create, negotiate, and manage your contracts with Dynamic Payouts, our flexible-yet-intuitive electronic contracting system.

With Dynamic payouts you only pay on VALUE:

  • Pay influencers based on contribution to sales, not posts
  • Incentivize partners on products most important to you
  • Automatically adjustments based on incrementality
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“The partner insights gained from Impact combined with the flexibility of Dynamic Payouts turned our decision making into actionable and measurable results for McAfee.”

  • Veronika Starell,
  • Account Director,
  • House of Kaizen
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Maintain a partner system of record

Establish a CRM that captures all contracts, interactions, historic performance and payouts with your partners, allowing your team to collaborate better and providing partners with a better program experience.

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Seize the Mobile Moment

Take advantage of the first partnerships platform to fully support both web and mobile in-app partnerships. Impact’s API-based mobile solution:

  • Simplifies your partnerships with a single link that routes users to the best conversion path
  • Unifies partnership management across all desktop and mobile experiences
  • Tracks accurately across web and mobile app
  • Detects fraud with best-in-class tools
Plus, API integrations with partners such as mParticle, Segment, Tune, Adjust, Appsflyer, Kochava, Button, and more make your mobile partnerships seamless.

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Drill Deep into your Data

Make faster & more informed decisions, scheduled or in real-time, with immediate access to a robust and customizable suite of performance reports and configurable alerts. Extract actionable insight from our granular data.

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Go Global

The Partnership Cloud drives growth in 70+ markets and has been translated into 40+ languages, so it’s easy for anyone to use, no matter where they are in the world. Global programs benefit from:

  • A single, unified platform for all your independent, local programs
  • Automated currency conversion
  • Pay and report in your preferred currency, while your partners receive payment in theirs
  • Automatic calculation of VAT and other local taxes
Our Chinese data center prevents latency, even as tracking events pass through the Great Firewall

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