RingCentral increased the scale and efficiency of their referral program

RingCentral, a provider of cloud communications solutions ran a successful referral program for years. However, its referral platform lacked enhanced program flexibility at scale, and advanced capabilities and integrations.

The brand collaborated with impact.com / advocate to launch rewards programs. This included in-product experiences, dynamic reward structures, and specific customer behavior triggers.

The platform also allowed for real-time synchronization throughout marketing tech stacks to provide actionable insights to the sales and marketing teams. Also, tailored communications were activated based on key user behaviors, such as the number of referrals made, sparking enthusiasm for bringing in new leads.

With the help of impact.com / advocate, RingCentral achieved:

  • Greater scale and efficiency of the referral program
  • A comprehensive customer engagement strategy for advanced scalability
  • Prospects and initiatives that drive excitement across all departments for the channel’s growth potential