Home service business management platform, Jobber saw a 5% higher customer LTV

Business management platform Jobber keeps track of everything in one place and automates day-to-day operations, so small businesses can provide 5-star service at scale.

Referral marketing plays a crucial role in Jobber’s growth. However, the team was using an unscalable, in-house solution. The internal platform wasn’t able to segment user groups, make quick changes, and access crucial analytics.

Jobber teamed up with impact.com / advocate, a more flexible referral solution that met its needs. The platform allowed the brand to enhance community engagement and business growth. Jobber was also able to view metrics and analytics that showed the best-performing share mediums, channels, and rewards. This allowed the team to promote channels likely to lead to more customer engagement.

As a result of the referral program powered by Advocate, Jobber has seen these results:

  • 4.86% higher lifetime value for referred vs. non-referred customers
  • 18.15% higher average selling price for referred vs. non-referred customers

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