Awareness to retention: How affiliates and influencers connect the entire customer journey

Inforgraphic-Convergence Of Affiliate And Influencer
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The head-turning appearance of Beyonce and T. Swift at each other’s movie premieres showed us the power of a solid collab. Your brand can make the same transformative impact when you combine affiliates and influencers into your strategy. When the two become one, you’ll see the effectiveness of conversion experts and content-creating pros working together.


  • Are your conversion experts, turning potential customers into purchasers
  • Introduce new ideas and products
  • Aid in retention by showcasing offers and card-linked rewards


  • Can demo the benefits of your products and reach a larger audience
  • Authentically connect with their already engaged followers
  • Keep the conversation about your product top-of-mind with their audience

This infographic breaks down what it looks like when affiliates and influencers work harmoniously to bring your brand success. When you combine your affiliate and influencer channels to drive business growth, you enhance visibility and engage with a wider audience with an authentic messaging voice.

Check out the infographic to learn more about the customer journey and how can help.