Smarter tracking in less time with Trackonomics and Pressboard in Q4

We’ve added and improved features in Trackonomics and Pressboard to make earning more revenue easier than ever for premium publishers. See the highlight reel of feature releases in Q4.

Smarter tracking
Matt Moore
Matt Moore
Associate Manager of Product Marketing
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The team hustled to create and improve features for the for Publishers suite in the final days of 2023.

This quarter, the team focused on changes that make running your commerce and branded content programs even easier. With upgraded tracking and improved efficiencies, you’ve got the tools you need to earn more with less work.

Take a peek at our top new features for Trackonomics and Pressboard this quarter.

What’s new in Trackonomics

This quarter, the Trackonomics team went all in making tracking bigger and better. Check out the feature highlights that will take your commerce content operations to new heights.   

View the big picture with Page Categories

See content performance across all of your ecommerce categories with the new Page Category dimension.

Include Page Category in your widgets so you can view it on the Page Analytics screen. Quickly view which shopping categories perform best across the metrics you care about. 

We use a proprietary natural language processing (NLP) algorithm to automatically assign categories to each page—saving you even more time!

If you don’t see Page Category as an option or the results you would expect in the Page Category column, reach out to your PSM to have your content re-scanned.

Spot more bots at a glance with DeviceAtlas

Call us Blade Runner! Bot click detection has always been a core component of our platform—and now we took it a step further. Trackonomics teamed up with DeviceAtlas for faster and stronger bot click detection

Using the same industry-leading tech that powers bot detection for means that your Tracknomics click metrics will now align more closely with what you see in—no Voight-Kampff test required.

Get insights from Amazon AutoTagger without a JavaScript Tag 

Amazon AutoTagger makes it easy to see page-level analytics from your Amazon Associates program. But some publishers who used Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) couldn’t add the necessary JavaScript Tag to their pages. 

Now, Amazon AutoTagger works with LinkWrapper. This means you get the benefits of Amazon AutoTagger without running our Funnel Relay script on your site

Though Funnel Relay is still the best way to take advantage of everything Tracknomics has to offer, our improved Amazon AutoTagger puts more of those features at your fingertips. 

What’s new in Pressboard

The Pressboard team was hard at work this quarter making data source management a breeze. See the feature highlights that will help you effortlessly handle your branded content campaigns.

Add new integrations with the improved Add Data Source screen

The fully revamped Add Data Source screen makes adding and repairing broken integrations quick and painless.

Go to Settings > Data Sources and click Add to see the new side-by-side view

  • On the left: All available data sources (psst… use the search bar up top to quickly find what you’re looking for).
  • On the right: A detailed view of your selected data source, such as the fields included and which fields can be used for Goal Tracking in your Pressboard campaigns.

Earn more revenue with deeper insights

Trackonomics and Pressboard consistently level up their platforms every quarter, empowering premium publishers to skyrocket their revenue while boosting efficiency.

Want to see more of Trackonomics or Pressboard? Reach out to the team at publishersales@impact or request a demo.

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