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Gain more affiliate revenue opportunities with the new Squarespace and integration

Website builder Squarespace now offers even more revenue paths for its customers thanks to a new partnership with Customers can now seamlessly plug into the platform to launch an affiliate program in minutes. x squarespace
Casey Curnan
Casey Curnan
Tech Partner Manager
Read time: 5 mins
Key takeaways from this blog
  • Affiliate programs are a cost-effective way for brands to reach their target audiences and build authentic customer relationships.
  • The new and Squarespace integration makes it easy for brands to launch an affiliate program in minutes.
  • powers every step of the partnership lifecycle, from establishing new partnerships to automated contracting, payments, and performance tracking.
  • Installing the integrations is easy—simply click on the integration link integration link and follow a few short prompts.

Organizations that run partnership programs experience an average ROI of 314 percent. Even if a business experiences a fraction of that, it would be a significant gain. 

Squarespace customers can now explore more opportunities for growth thanks to a new integration with’s partnership management platform. 

Users can seamlessly integrate with to launch an affiliate program quickly and drive sales to their Squarespace Commerce stores. is the exclusive affiliate app promoted by Squarespace via their Extensions Marketplace

Reach more of your target audience with and Squarespace

With 4.4 million unique subscriptions globally, Squarespace is a leading design-driven platform helping entrepreneurs build brands and businesses online.

Squarespace’s user-friendly tools have helped millions of entrepreneurs easily build brands online and drive sales to their ecommerce store or traffic to content sites. Now, it makes launching and managing partnerships just as simple. 

Why should Squarespace customers launch an affiliate program? 

An affiliate channel is a great, cost-effective way for small brands to get in front of a larger target audience. It helps them build authentic relationships with partners who receive performance-based payments when they drive purchases. 

Around 96 percent of people don’t trust ads. Businesses need to adjust their marketing strategies to reach their target audience in the right places. Partnerships are one of many ways for brands to build more authentic and trusting relationships with their audiences. 

The average business generates high revenue from partnerships, which is why companies are investing even more. For example, affiliate marketing spending in the US reached  $9.1B in 2021—an increase of 47 percent from 2018. 

Partnership platform powers every step of the partnership lifecycle, from establishing new partnerships to automated contracting, payments, and performance tracking. 

The best part? Using’s Starter Edition, Squarespace users can launch their affiliate program in minutes. You can increase revenue and acquire new customers while your partners promote your products and services to their audiences. 

It’s simple to install the app on the Squarespace storefront. All you need to do is click this integration link and select the Squarespace account with which you want to log in. 

Then, select Allow.

On the Settings screen, fill in the relevant account data.

  • See the Account Data table below for more information on how to access your account data.

Refer to your Program Elements document for your specific account information.

Select submit. 

Check out the integration for yourself

Are you already a Squarespace user and want information about Reach out to our team at Once you’ve signed up for an subscription, you can install the integration and hit the ground running with your partnerships program. 

Sign up for an subscription here 


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a partnership where businesses pay people (affiliates) to promote their products. Affiliates share product links online. If a sale happens through that link, they earn a commission. It’s a cost-effective way for companies to expand their reach and for affiliates to make money by marketing products they endorse.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

The main benefits of affiliate marketing are:

    • Cost-effective: Pay commissions only when a sale occurs, reducing advertising expenses.

    • Performance-based: Rewards are tied to actual sales, ensuring a high return on investment.

    • Broader reach: Affiliates have their own audiences, which means access to more potential customers.

    • Targeted traffic: Affiliates often cater to niche markets that may be hard for your business to reach otherwise.

    • Low risk: Minimal upfront investment reduces financial risk.

    • Easy tracking: Track sales, clicks, and performance to understand customer behavior better.

How can I use affiliate marketing in my ecommerce store?

Here are some strategies for integrating affiliate marketing into your ecommerce store:

    • Partner with influencers: Collaborate with social media influencers who can promote your products to their followers.

    • Use affiliate networks: Join affiliate networks to connect with potential affiliates skilled in promoting ecommerce products.

    • Offer competitive commissions: Attract high-performing affiliates by offering attractive commission rates.

    • Track performance: Use affiliate tracking software to monitor sales, click-through rates, and overall performance.

    • Promote deals: Encourage affiliates to promote special deals, seasonal offers, or exclusive products.

    • Regular communication: Keep in touch with affiliates, providing updates on new products, deal changes, and sales strategies.

How do I start an affiliate program?

Here are seven steps for starting an affiliate program:

    1. Choose a management platform: Select a partnership platform that integrates with your ecommerce platform to track affiliate sales and manage commissions.
    2. Define your commission structure: Set clear, competitive commission rates to incentivize affiliates while maintaining profitability.
    3. Recruit relevant affiliates: Look for affiliates who understand your niche and have an engaged audience that matches your target market.
    4. Create a resource hub: Provide your affiliates with product information, images, and promotional materials for their campaigns.
    5. Set clear rules: Outline what is allowed in promoting your products to maintain brand integrity and prevent fraud.
    6. Launch and promote: Start your program and promote it to potential affiliates.
    7. Monitor and optimize: Regularly review program performance to identify successful strategies and areas for improvement.

How will a partnership management platform make the affiliate process easier?

Partnership platforms make the affiliate management process easier in seven ways:

    1. Automates recruitment: Streamlines finding and signing up new affiliates.
    2. Centralizes communication: Offers tools for messaging and managing affiliates all in one place.
    3. Tracks performance: Monitors sales, clicks, and other key performance indicators in real time.
    4. Manages commissions: Calculates and distributes affiliate earnings automatically.
    5. Provides analytics: Delivers insights on affiliate program effectiveness and areas for optimization.
    6. Simplifies administration: Helps with tax compliance and handles affiliate queries and issues.
    7. Supports marketing efforts: Assists in distributing marketing materials and tracking promotional campaigns.

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