5 brands in Australia winning with affiliate partnerships—and the right management platform

Wonder how LVLY achieved 127 percent revenue growth? Discover how top brands leveraged affiliate partnerships and the right management system to drive business growth.

5 brands in australia affiliate marketing
Ayaan Mohamud
Ayaan Mohamud
Regional Vice President, Marketing - APAC
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A comprehensive study into Australian consumer behavior in 2022 revealed impressive statistics: 

  • With more Australian consumers opting for “add to cart” shopping sprees, online spending skyrocketed to AU$62.3 billion.
  • The country’s ecommerce industry grew nearly nine percent to reach AUS47 billion
  • Almost 30 percent of ecommerce businesses reported significant changes in revenue. 

To adapt to the evolving online shopping trends, brands had to strategize ways to connect with consumers—leading to reported growth in affiliate partnerships in Australia: 

  • Brands (69 percent) increased their budget for affiliate marketing. 
  • Affiliate marketing achieved an average rating of 7.8/10 for delivering a return on investment compared to other marketing activities. 
  • Most brands and agencies leveraged the influential power of affiliate partners, adding new partners to their program monthly (83 percent) and weekly (47 percent). 

Brands in the retail and commerce space rely on affiliate marketing to drive more revenue and build trust. Consumers (73 percent) are more likely to buy a product or service recommended by a person, business, or media source they trusted. So, one of the smartest ways to attract consumers is through affiliate partners such as coupon and loyalty sites, social media influencers, and bloggers. 

As a performance-based marketing channel, brands and partners also benefit from affiliate partnerships. Brands reward affiliate partners for successful conversions—increased traffic or sales. An investment in affiliate partnerships drives an average of $12 in online sales.

These stats are enough to impress, but stories from top brands in Australia show you how the right partnership management platform powers affiliate partnership growth. 

Five brands achieve success with partnerships marketing in Australia

Aside from providing an authentic link to consumers, brands that tap into affiliate partnerships enjoy the following benefits: 

  • improved brand image
  • increased brand loyalty
  • stronger community relationships 
  • greater visibility 
  • competitive advantage 

 1. Zero Co cleaned up its partnership management and achieved a 1,699% monthly return on ad spend (ROAS)

Zero Co delivers personal care and home cleaning products—made from recycled materials diverted from landfills—direct to your door. With a mission to “Untrash the planet,” the brand is committed to tackling the plastic problem in the following ways: 

  1. Stop the production of new plastic by helping customers ditch single-use plastics.
  2. Clean up the plastic waste junking the planet with clean-up campaigns. 
  3. Nurture a community of planet warriors with awareness initiatives like Sustainable Schools.

Partnerships were the perfect solution to help the brand build trust, spread awareness, and grow a thriving community. Zero Co chose impact.com as the ideal management platform to streamline and manage the different touch points of the partnership life cycle. With support from impact.com and their agency, Silverbean, the Zero Co team: 

  • diversified its partner mix to decrease customer acquisition cost (CAC) 
  • streamlined the recruitment and onboarding process
  • improved partner contracting to eliminate time-consuming tasks
  • optimized partner performance with insights from reporting. 

With impact.com’s partnership platform, the brand scaled up and achieved impressive results: 

381 new active partners recruited 

27% average month-over-month (MoM) revenue growth 

1699% average monthly ROAS boost

2. LVLY blossoms with partnership and achieves 127% revenue growth year-over-year 

A brand on a mission to keep loved ones connected and spread joy—LVLY offers affordable flowers and unique gifts that break out the ordinary roses and teddy bears. The team turned to partnerships to help the brand expand to new locations. However, managing their affiliate program through time-consuming manual processes had become overwhelming. 

The LVLY team needed a centralized, efficient way to automate partnership management tasks. The impact.com platform introduced the team to a user-friendly dashboard that helped: 

  • connect and foster relationships with new publishers
  • manage diverse partner types 
  • customize and individualize contracts and terms 
  • track partner performance for growth

Moving to impact.com allowed LVLY to weed out many manual and time-consuming tasks. When the team put greater focus on executing its affiliate marketing strategy, the brand reached the following:

127% revenue growth year-over-year (YoY)

80% partner growth YoY

1,019% average return on investment

3. Big Red Group enjoys a thrilling 117% ROAS increase by boosting topline growth with partnerships 

Big Red Group (BRG) is the largest experience marketplace in Australia and New Zealand. Customers buy or gift memorable excursions, from hot-air balloon rides to driving lessons in a Formula One race car. 

The brand has a unique market of customers that search for trusted opinions and reviews before making an exhilarating experience purchase—amplifying the need to tap into a diverse partner mix. 

The impact.com platform gave BRG the tools to discover, recruit, track, and optimize partnership efforts. The team gained full visibility into the customer journey and access to an array of community-driven partner types. BRG used the platform’s tools and features—like multi-level commissioning, deduplication, and cross-channel conversion tracking— to overcome partnership management challenges. 

Since joining impact.com, the brand has enjoyed the following: 

117% ROAS increase year-over-year

10% higher productivity 

32% boost in revenue through partnerships

4. Sephora glows up its partnerships and triples revenue 

Sephora has a powerful global beauty presence by offering high-quality skincare products and cosmetics brands along with expert in-store support and guides for product use. 

A fragmented network of affiliate channels caused the team to lose time and resources due to the lack of customization, payment confusion, and overlapping affiliates. The beauty brand needed unified partnerships management solutions to overcome four challenges: 

  1. find fresh ways to manage partners across different regions
  2. improve partner recruitment processes
  3. discover other options for contracting partners 
  4. access to more in-depth reporting tools 

The Sephora team gained access to the following features for partnership growth through impact.com:

  •  Streamlined partner approval and contract setup saved time by eliminating manual processes. 
  • Comprehensive discovery tools supported a quick partnerships expansion.
  • Flexible contracting tools allowed the team to customize and finely tune each contract. 
  •  In-depth reporting and data allowed for quicker optimization and segment performance. 

With the help of impact.com’s powerful platform, Sephora found great success

$7.4m in revenue from 293 partners 

3 times revenue growth 

101% increase in partner growth 

5. Booktopia expands its library of partners and gains 38% more revenue 

As Australia’s largest online bookstore, Booktopia gives book lovers an unrivaled choice of over six million titles. Affiliate partnerships were already a high-performing customer acquisition channel, leading the team to experiment with more innovative partnership types. 

The impact.com automation and flexibility helped the Booktopia team nurture new partners, ideas, and relationships to propel new partnerships revenue. The team implemented the following winning partnership strategies: 

  • Creating one-on-one partnerships with influencers, celebrities, book clubs, and passionate book lovers. 
  • Incentiving authors to use social media to drive sales through its Author Royalty Club. 
  • Restructuring commissions to reward partners based on contributions to the purchase funnel. 
  • Expand commerce content activities using QR codes, links, and promo codes. 

The freedom to experiment and optimize its partnership program allowed Booktopia:

Increase ROAS by 16% 

Improve revenue by 38% YoY

Boost influencer and ambassador activity by 80%

When paired with a comprehensive partnership management platform like impact.com, affiliate partnerships can open surprising new doors for growth. To learn more about how impact.com can help take your business to greater heights, reach out to an impact.com growth technologist at grow@impact.com today. 

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