Hyrecar gets a lift by discovering great partners

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If you want to make some cash driving for a rideshare or delivery company but don’t have a car, HyreCar can set you up. They offer cars for rent or purchase specifically to gig drivers, and they provide a smart way for car owners to turn idle vehicles into passive income.
To help bring in new drivers and new vehicles, the company has built a strong network of partners that steer relevant traffic its way.

In this first of two interviews with Nate Ryan, VP of Marketing at HyreCar, you’ll learn how his company builds partnerships with high-quality partners to drive great traffic to its sites.

In this quick 16-minute video, you’ll discover:

  • Hyrecar’s strategies for keeping partners engaged
  • How the company ensures its partnerships enhance its reputation
  • Where the company finds new influencers, bloggers, content providers, and businesses for its program, sometimes in unexpected places
  • How the company uses Impact to speed onboarding, efficiently scale and diversify, and discover new partners through automated outreach

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