How HyreCar manages two-way traffic

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HyreCar is great at creating win-win relationships: They offer cars for rent or purchase for gig drivers, and they provide a smart way for car owners to turn idle vehicles into passive income.
Their partnerships go both ways, too. They drive traffic for other businesses, and they pay out commissions for inbound leads.

In this second of two interviews with Nate Ryan, VP of Marketing at HyreCar, you’ll learn how the company has developed great brand-to-brand partnerships and generates extra revenue as a referral partner.

In this 15-minute video, you’ll learn:

  • How Hyrecar uses Impact to serve as a publisher and to manage incoming referrals
  • How they ensure partnerships bring value to their customers and their bottom line
  • Where they see brand-to-brand partnerships heading as consumers become more savvy

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