How PCH Fights Ad Fraud with Forensiq

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Unlock Your Digital Success with Impact Forensiq

Welcome to Publishers Clearing House (PCH), where we’re not just about prizes and giveaways; we’re also committed to delivering a top-notch digital experience for our loyal audience and advertisers. Meet Sal Tripi, our AVP of Digital Operations and Compliance, who’s here to share how we’ve harnessed the power of Impact Forensiq to elevate our brand, safeguard data, and provide unparalleled value to our partners.

Our Single-Digit Growth Opportunity

At PCH, we’ve carved out a unique niche in the digital landscape. Our daily visitors, numbering in the millions, are the lifeblood of our platform. Sal highlights the key challenge we faced: standing out in the crowded online space. We needed to ensure that our inventory was not only attracting advertisers but also offering a quality experience to our cherished audience.

The Forensiq Solution

Enter Impact Forensiq – our trusted ally in this journey. By partnering with them, we gained the ability to monitor and prove the quality of our inventory. Sal emphasizes that while we always knew our inventory was top-notch, our advertisers needed that extra assurance. Impact Forensiq helps us showcase our superior traffic quality, which, in turn, enhances the reputation of both our brand and our advertisers.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Our commitment to our advertisers goes beyond a one-time transaction. We believe in delivering value that lasts. Sal underlines that when issues arise, we proactively reach out to our partners. They understand that monitoring traffic quality is part of our daily routine, making them feel confident about advertising with PCH.

Why Impact Forensiq?

Sal breaks down why we chose Impact Forensiq. First, it’s all about the quality of data and the ease of turning it into actionable insights. Our partnership with Impact Forensiq empowers us to swiftly identify and address issues. Second, the user-friendly portal ensures a seamless experience for our team. There’s no steep learning curve here – it’s all about getting results quickly.

Personalized Service that Sets Us Apart

What truly distinguishes Impact Forensiq is their personalized approach. Sal shares that they’ve taken a deep interest in understanding our business, educating us about industry trends, and helping us uncover hidden opportunities. It’s not just about technology; it’s about building a partnership that propels us forward.

Join the Impact Forensiq Revolution

In conclusion, Sal encourages every publisher seeking simplicity, personalized service, and actionable data to consider Impact Forensiq. It’s the key to unlocking your digital potential, strengthening relationships, and ensuring the success of your brand.

Ready to dive deeper? Watch the video to hear Sal’s insights firsthand and discover how Impact Forensiq can transform your digital strategy. Don’t miss out – your journey to digital success starts here.

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