How LKQD Uses Forensiq to Fight Ad Fraud

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Unlocking Clean and Safe Video Advertising with Liquid and Forensiq

Are you ready to take your video advertising game to the next level? Meet Scott Alexander, the Chief Operations Officer at Liquid, a cutting-edge publisher video advertising platform that’s changing the game. In this video, Scott reveals how Liquid and Forensiq have teamed up to revolutionize the world of video advertising.

The Power of Liquid and Forensiq

Liquid is all about efficiency and convenience. Scott explains how Liquid’s platform allows publishers to effortlessly manage both direct and programmatic campaigns, all from one central location. It’s a game-changer for anyone in the video advertising industry.

Clean Inventory for Confident Buyers

Scott’s enthusiasm for the partnership with Forensiq shines through as he discusses their vital role in ensuring clean inventory. Liquid takes its commitment to quality seriously, and with Forensiq’s help, they make sure buyers see only verified, clean, and safe inventory. When your buyers can purchase with confidence, everyone wins!

Stay Ahead of the Game

Scott acknowledges the constant evolution of fraud in the industry. But here’s the exciting part: Liquid and Forensiq are on the forefront of combating these challenges. They collaborate closely, sharing insights and data, ensuring quicker results and smarter decisions. It’s a partnership built on trust and innovation.

Pre-Bid Magic with Forensiq

Imagine removing any invalid traffic before your advertisers even see it! Liquid achieves this with Forensiq’s pre-bid technology. This means your advertisers can trust that they’re getting clean traffic from the get-go, boosting their confidence in your platform.

Tailored Solutions for Every Channel

Forensiq’s unique approach sets them apart. They don’t apply a one-size-fits-all solution; instead, they tailor their technology to each specific channel. Whether it’s mobile app, mobile web, or CTV, Forensiq knows how to navigate them all. Your success is their top priority.

Join the Fight Against Fraud

Fraudsters constantly try to outsmart the industry, but Liquid and Forensiq are determined to stay one step ahead. Their open dialogue with partners and commitment to sharing knowledge ensures that everyone is equipped to tackle fraud head-on. It’s a collective effort to make the industry cleaner and safer.

Ready to dive deeper into the world of Liquid and Forensiq? Watch the video now and discover how they’re changing the game for video advertising. Join us in the fight against fraud and elevate your advertising strategy today!

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