How Radius and Altitude Are Contributing to Autodesk’s Digital Center of Excellence

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Unlocking Autodesk’s Digital Transformation: A Path to Success

Are you ready to witness the remarkable journey of Autodesk’s digital transformation? Join us in this insightful video featuring Siara Nazir, a driving force behind Autodesk’s Digital Center of Excellence.

Meet Siara Nazir: The Catalyst of Change

Siara Nazir, an invaluable member of Autodesk, is spearheading the incubation of Autodesk’s Digital Center of Excellence. Her passion and expertise have fueled Autodesk’s strategic initiative to soar to new heights in profitability and innovation.

Mastering Data: The Key to Growth

Discover the biggest growth opportunity that Autodesk has embarked upon – mastering their data. Siara believes that understanding their data is the cornerstone of success, and it’s a journey that’s already making waves.

Uncovering Gaps and Building Foundations

In a world where digital marketing processes can often be unrefined, Siara and her team embarked on an audit that uncovered crucial gaps in Autodesk’s processes. The Digital Center of Excellence is laying the groundwork for clean data and a single source of truth.

Efficiency through Analysis

Siara’s team utilized analytics and order identification to unveil a surprising revelation – many channels were claiming the same order. This eye-opening insight highlights the importance of analyzing digital data and cost efficiencies, which can ultimately boost the bottom line.

Impact: A Pillar of Excellence

Learn why Impact was chosen as one of the two vendors to support Autodesk’s Digital Center of Excellence. Siara’s testing revealed the incredible incrementality of the affiliate channel, making Impact an invaluable partner.

Customized Attribution for Success

Siara shares how Impact’s flexibility in attribution systems provides a personalized approach to campaigns. Whether it’s first touch, last touch, multi-touch, or a custom solution, Impact adapts to your unique needs.

The Power of Radius and Altitude

Siara’s success with Radius at her previous company led her to bring both Radius and Altitude into Autodesk’s Digital Center of Excellence foundation, ensuring a comprehensive approach to transformation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from Siara Nazir and Autodesk’s digital journey. Watch the video now and be inspired by their path to success!

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