How BarkBox is Managing Traditional and Non-Traditional Partners with Radius

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Discover the secrets behind BarkBox’s remarkable success as Kirk Hausman shares insights in this exclusive video. Learn how BarkBox is using Radius to achieve phenomenal growth and streamline their affiliate partnerships.

The Ultimate Growth Opportunity:
BarkBox’s primary focus this year is expanding their network of rescue and shelter partners. They are also building relationships with non-traditional partners such as veterinarians and groomers to reach a dedicated and caring audience of dog owners.

The Radius Advantage:
Kirk explains how Radius outshone competitors in terms of cost, features, and support, making it the clear choice for BarkBox. With Radius, BarkBox can operate at full throttle without the constraints they experienced with other platforms.

Revolutionizing Affiliate Onboarding:
Radius simplifies the onboarding process for non-traditional partners, ensuring they integrate seamlessly and gain valuable insights from the platform, even if they aren’t tech-savvy.

Streamlining Administrative Tasks:
Radius automates payments and administrative tasks, freeing up BarkBox to focus on nurturing relationships and providing insights while Radius handles the rest.

Rapid Partner Expansion:
Radius eliminates the manual aspects of affiliate management, allowing BarkBox to bring on partners swiftly. This streamlined process enables them to expand their network rapidly.

Fueling Business Growth:
BarkBox’s main focus is on acquiring new subscribers and reaching new outlets. Radius’ platform empowers them to pursue this acquisition aggressively, contributing to sustained business growth year after year. BarkBox’s affiliate program has seen substantial growth in the last two years, thanks to their partnership with Radius.

Exceptional Support:
Kirk emphasizes the invaluable support they receive from Radius, praising their Customer Success Manager. The support from Radius has been instrumental in BarkBox’s success.

In conclusion, Kirk highly recommends Radius because it enables businesses to excel. Radius provides unparalleled support and technology that propels marketers to be their best without hindrance, making it an essential asset for any organization looking to grow.

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