Learning from leaders: Hook your C-suite executives with PXA’s ‘Growing your business through digital partnerships’ course

Having a hard time convincing executives at your company to invest in affiliate and partnership marketing programs? This PXA course will help you get into the mind of an executive and teach you exactly how to communicate the value of partnership marketing in a way that gets buy-in from the C-suite.

Learning from leader
Coady Joy
Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, PXA
Read time:2 mins

The Partnerships Experience Academy (PXA) provides educational content that helps brands, creators, and agencies master partnership marketing. No matter your experience level, company type, or interests, PXA offers curated learning paths and certificates to help you grow your career and business.

C-suite executives need a clear understanding of why they should invest in partnership marketing programs. Their motivations differ from yours, so communicating the right incentives is crucial. 

In other words, getting buy-in from the C-suite requires you to understand their language and highlight the benefits of partnership programs accordingly.

Take the Growing your business through digital partnerships course to discover how to overcome this challenge and spotlight partnership marketing programs in a way that excites and motivates executives at your organization.

Learn how to pitch executives from an executive

When advocating for a new partnership program, many marketers build talking points around the tactical and informational benefits that come with training. But to get executives on board, you must understand how they make decisions and tailor your pitch to their needs. Make a good case for their return on investment (ROI) by highlighting models, frameworks, and principles (not information).

This PXA course gives you a glimpse inside the executives’ minds so you can better articulate the benefits and nuances of affiliate marketing from a top-level perspective. Armed with this insight, you’ll know exactly how to make your case and convince executive stakeholders to get on board.

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Learn how to sell the value of partnership marketing

To get buy-in, you’ll need to paint a clear picture of the value partnerships will bring to your organization by clearly outlining the benefits and breaking down exactly how they work.

The ‘Growing your business through digital partnerships’ course covers:

  • The benefits of affiliate marketing, such as full-funnel conversion and budget fluidity.
  • How to navigate the partnerships ecosystem as an executive stakeholder.
  • How to structure teams for affiliate program management.
  • How affiliate marketing works with PR, influencer, and brand partnerships.
  • The importance of publisher tone-of-voice and promotion freedom.
  • A breakdown of manager-level and coordinator-level duties.

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Access the roadmap to your successful partnership marketing program 

You’ll need to get decision-makers on board to launch a partnership program that ignites business growth. This course will teach you how to speak to executives so you can get them excited to launch your program immediately!

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