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6 reasons to get your Affiliate & Partnerships Industry Expert certification now

As the affiliate and partnerships industry evolves, so should your skills. Move ahead of the pack with PXA’s Affiliate and Partnership Industry Expert Certification. Learn how to keep your partners engaged, uncover key tracking insights, and more.

6 reasons to get your Affiliate & Partnerships
Coady Joy
Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, PXA
Read time: 3 mins

Supercharge your business and gain additional revenue streams with PXA’s new Affiliate and Partnership Industry Expert Certification path! 

This free six-part training course, developed by industry experts, provides unmatched guidance and recommendations on how to run your affiliates like a pro. 

Get exclusive access to strategic insights, training materials, and world-class resources. PXA’s industry-standard affiliate certification program will equip you with the critical know-how to tackle even the most demanding affiliate marketing challenges. 

Affiliate & Partnerships Industry Expert certification

What’s inside the certification course? 

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for PXA’s Affiliate & Partnerships Industry Expert Certification program. 

1. Confidence in your ability to discover and recruit niche partners.

Join industry expert Lacie Thompson, Founder and CEO of LT Partners to learn actionable techniques to find and work with particular affiliates, like card-linked-offer and podcast partners. You’ll also learn the benefits of each partner type and how to build strategic relationships that drive results.

2. A complete guide to setting up advanced commissioning structures.

In this lesson, you’ll hear Denis Kondrashov, Sr. Director of Performance Marketing from fuboTV explore the importance of definitive partner commission structures like cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-lead (CPL). You’ll also discover how to incentivize affiliate types by developing various commission structures related to overall business goals. 

3. Key insights into the tracking methods that will transform your affiliate program. 

Gain valuable knowledge of the intricate world of affiliate tracking with expert Luca Kim, Director of Global Affiliate Marketing & Performance Partnerships with Neo Media World. In this session, you’ll deep-dive into rich topics like non-traditional tracking methods, sub-affiliate tracking tactics, mobile tracking, and more. 

4. Proven strategies to keep affiliate partners engaged.

Explore affiliate marketers’ top promotion methods and techniques to boost engagement levels across the board with Cassie Aulie, Director of Partnerships at Dotdash Meredith. This includes search engine optimization (SEO) and other key strategies, like trademark and bidding programs, and advanced negotiation tactics.

5. Best brand protection and monitoring tools for your business.

Never underestimate the power of your brand! In this advanced class with expert Allison Cirincione, VP of Client Services with Acceleration Partners, you’ll get the tools to identify where and how your brand is mentioned, as well as tips to detect and stop affiliate and partner violations.

6. Discover how to optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Learn to work with affiliate partners and their audience to make a conversion- whether it’s to drive sales, leads, new customers, etc. in this final course of the Affiliate and Partnership Industry Expert Certification path with industry expert Jenn Bentz, Director of Affiliates, Influencers, and Partnerships at Resident

Stand out among the competition with a certification 

After completing the new expert certification path, you’ll earn the elite recognition needed to stand out from the competition in today’s ever-evolving affiliate and partnerships landscape. In fact, you can celebrate and share your new certification on your resume and on social media platforms like LinkedIn.    

When you sign up for the Affiliate and Partnership Industry Expert Certification path, you have two paths to completion:

  • Take the certification test immediately. If you pass, you earn your certification. 
  • Work through the learning path and complete your test at the end.  

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