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What is device ID reset marathons - install fraud - Impact
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Install fraud

Device ID reset marathons

Install farms or automated device emulators can exercise device ID reset marathons to replicate their exploitation ad nauseam, making the same activities only appear as if they are happening across many different devices.

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How they do it

  1. Malicious publisher has registered for advertiser’s affiliate program
  2. Install farm worker clicks through from publisher site to app store
  3. Install farm worker downloads advertiser’s app
  4. Advertiser attributes credit to malicious publisher, even though they provided no value in driving the install, and pays them a percentage of revenue
  5. Install farm worker deletes advertiser’s app
  6. Install farm worker resets the phone in order to obtain a new device ID
  7. Participant in the install farm then repeats the process over and over to capture more CPI revenue
Device ID reset marathons

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