Season 1 | Episode 13

Leveraging B2B partnerships and digitally transforming a brand

The Partnership Economy

During a discussion with Siara Nazir, the Head of Marketing at Autodesk, the focus was on topics related to marketing and partnerships. The conversation delved into various aspects, including Autodesk’s journey of digital transformation, navigating changes effectively, examining partnership strategies, soliciting feature feedback, monitoring interactions beyond the typical ‘add to cart’ process, key priorities for Siara, and notable industry trends.

Siara, an accomplished global marketer and media trailblazer, is recognized for her innovative employment of AI-driven strategies and solutions. Her achievements have garnered attention from renowned sources such as Forrester, DM News, and David Yovanno’s publication “The Partnership Economy.” Additionally, her insights have been sought after, leading her to be a featured speaker at The Wall Street Journal’s prestigious Inaugural Executive Forum on AI. Notably, she pioneered the development of an AI-powered conversion accelerator that resulted in a fourfold increase in orders. Siara’s educational background includes a BSc in Marketing from California State University, an MBA in Marketing from Arizona State University, and a degree in Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School.

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Episode Outline

[00:45] About Autodesk

[02:16] Siara’s role

[03:42] The center of excellence at Autodesk

[05:56] Best practices for going through changes

[10:09] Looking at partnerships

[12:56] Education

[14:30] Ambassadors

[17:46] Feature feedback

[18:36] Tracking partnership interactions

[21:00] What’s top of mind?

[22:48] Interesting industry dynamics

[26:06] Siara’s inspirational people

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