Season 1 | Episode 4

How to survive the holiday season

The Partnership Economy

During this dialogue with Melissa Feemster, one of the Co-Founders of Team Bespoke, the discussion revolves around topics such as strategizing, promotional efforts, and collaborative ventures. Gain insights into Team Bespoke’s strategies as they approach the upcoming holiday season, valuable methods to adopt, prominent reflections, matters that occupy Melissa’s thoughts during nighttime hours, and captivating advancements within the industry.

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Episode Outline

[00:41] Introducing Melissa

[03:11] Heading into the holidays

[07:25] Q4 planning

[08:07] Gift guide best practices

[09:42] Top-of-mind thoughts

[11:12] What keeps Melissa up at night?

[15:49] Interesting industry developments

[21:55] Melissa’s mentors.

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