Season 3 | Episode 6

Building successful partnerships with affiliates, commerce content partners and creators

Partnership Economy Podcast

In this episode, host Dave Yovanno engages in a conversation with Patrick McKenna, Partner and CEO at DMi Partners. Established in 2003, DMi Partners stands as a digital marketing agency that Patrick founded. With a track record spanning two decades, Patrick has steered DMi into a prominent position within the realm of affiliate and CRM services. The agency has collaborated with major players in the DTC, retail, and CPG sectors. Throughout the episode, Patrick unveils his remarkable industry acumen, providing insights into the evolving landscape of the partnership channel over the past twenty years. He delves into the current focal points of attribution, incrementality, and the art of discovering new customers effectively. Patrick also offers a valuable dissection of the process for cultivating prosperous partnerships with affiliates, commerce platforms, content collaborators, and creators.

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