Season 1 | Episode 1

Bryce Widelitz, Impact & Nilla Ali, Buzzfeed

The Partnership Economy

During this discussion, Nilla Ali, Senior Vice President of Commerce at Buzzfeed, and Bryce Widelitz, Vice President of Publisher Innovation at, engage in a conversation about the realm of content development. Tune in to discover insights on team expansion, the dynamic changes in content and monetization, the art of crafting data-driven content, establishing brand connections, leveraging the potential of live shopping, and gaining invaluable career advice from both esteemed guests. For a deeper well of knowledge, consider delving into “The Partnership Economy” authored by David A. Yovanno.

The book is available at and at all major retailers.

Episode Outline

[00:48] Introducing Bryce, what he’s excited about, and what keeps him up at night

[02:12] Introducing Nilla, what she’s excited about, and what keeps her up at night

[03:42] The evolution of content and monetization

[06:06] Information-based content vs commerce content

[07:23] Monetization and how editors connect with readers

[14:20] Creating commerce-based content

[20:44] Consumers’ content demand

[24:04] Connecting with brands

[29:37] Live shopping

[34:15] Nilla’s advice

[35:30] Bryce’s advice

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