Season 1 | Episode 2

The big shifts in the affiliate industry

The Partnership Economy

During this dialogue, Michael McNerney, who serves as the Publisher at Martech Record, discusses the realms of sales, advertising, and content generation. Gain insights into the notable trio of changes within sales and advertising, upholding consumer confidence, Michael’s daily concerns, intriguing advancements in the industry, and the role of the Covid pandemic in expediting the adoption of paid services.

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Episode Outline

[00:59] Introducing Michael and Martech Record

[06:36] What’s top of Michael’s mind right now?

[10:30] Three big sales and advertising shifts

[14:12] Covid, subscriptions, and consumer trust

[20:01] What keeps Michael up at night?

[23:20] Interesting industry dynamics

[26:31] Michael’s influential people

[29:37] Live shopping

[34:15] Nilla’s advice

[35:30] Bryce’s advice

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