Season 1 | Episode 3

Building a brand consumers love

The Partnership Economy

During this dialogue featuring Steffen Daleng, Chief Marketing Officer at Booktopia, he delves into subjects like branding, consumer connections, and collaborations. Gain insights into pivotal junctures from Steffen’s professional journey, Booktopia‘s collaborative efforts, insights into their team framework, establishment of a robust brand, the significance of understanding one’s clientele, as well as a glimpse into some thrilling forthcoming trends.

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Episode Outline

[00:44] About Booktopia

[03:20] Creating a strong brand and consumer relationship

[04:39] Partnerships at Booktopia

[12:16] Booktopia’s teams

[15:01] Consumer journeys and conversations

[17:38] Driving growth

[19:55] Exciting trends

[24:10] Steffen’s career leading up to Booktopia

[28:27] Steffen’s advice

[34:33] What keeps Steffen up at night?

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