Season 1 | Episode 7

Changes in marketing behavior and brand authenticity

The Partnership Economy

During this dialogue with Fred Ehle, previously the Vice President overseeing product marketing, business development, innovation, research, and strategy at Jockey International, Inc., he delves into subjects concerning marketing and advancements within the industry. Gain insights into the shifts that have occurred in the sector over the last three decades, the dynamics of influencer marketing, evolving patterns in advertising and data interpretation, establishing impactful partnerships, and receive Fred’s counsel for his younger self.

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Episode Outline

[00:42] Captivating buyers today vs 30 years ago

[01:37] Consumer decisions then vs now

[05:37] Influencers and commercial content

[11:31] Digital distribution

[16:33] Advertising and data tracking trends

[19:57] The marketing mix

[22:09] Transformative partnerships

[24:37] Fred’s road to his roles

[29:59] What keeps Fred up at night?

[32:20] Fred’s advice for his younger self

[18:50] Buy Now Pay Later

[20:49] The developing industry

[24:12] Richard’s influential people

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