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Unwieldy link tracking, credit sniping, proving ROI—life as an influencer isn’t always easy. But we’ve got you covered: convenient new capabilities from Impact help smooth the way for proving your value and getting paid. Here’s how to make the “business” part of working with brands easy so you have time to do what you really love.  

1. No experience required: New, easy-to-use user interface and single social sign-on

Many influencers have little-to-no experience with partnership platforms—and who has the time to learn a complicated new system? Not a problem. Impact’s UI has been redesigned to be intuitive and easy-to-use, even for those with no prior experience in the partnership world. Plus, you can sign up just by using your social credentials.

Check out these specific ways we make it easy for influencers:

  • New easy-to-use user interface (UI): The business of influencing doesn’t have to be complicated with Impact’s intuitive UI—we completely redesigned our interface to make it so easy that partners who are new to partnership management platforms could use it
  • Use Impact on the go with our mobile-optimized interface: Soon, you’ll be able to grab tracking links and monitor performance reporting on your mobile devices with our mobile-optimized UI.
  • Impact’s Single Sign-On (SSO) from social media (including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) – Coming Soon: You can create an Impact account with a single click, using existing social credentials. (New partners will need to provide some information, such as bank account info – so that we can automatically pay out your commission –  but the whole process is now simpler.)

2. End last-click attribution and get credit for your contribution with Impact

Have you ever known that you were actually the person who made all the difference in a conversion—but didn’t get credit for it with the brand? Winning credit for a sale in the traditional affiliate marketing world requires getting the “last click,” meaning that the customer clicked on a unique tracking link at the very end of their path to conversion. But you show up in a customers consciousness earlier on in the conversion path by generating brand awareness. Traditionally, most influencers would have little to gain from a performance-based model of attribution since you lose out on getting the credit to the coupon, deal, and loyalty sites that sit closer to the conversion.

Not any more. Impact lets advertisers/brands pay their partners for their contributions, whether or not they win the last click with participation bonuses. With Dynamic Payouts, you can get paid compensation whenever you drive value, even if you don’t win the last click.

3.Long, unwieldy tracking links and social media—no longer a problem

Tracking links are the primary method for tracking the sales driven for advertisers by their partners, but in the past, tracking links have contained long strings of letters and numbers—not something you want showing up in your social posts.

Impact provides shortened tracking links by default, and even better, offers you the ability to customize the links they use to promote their advertisers. Here are some specifics:

  • Track through unique coupon codes: You can forgo tracking links entirely and promote advertisers’ content with unique coupon codes. When a customer enters the code at checkout, Impact credits that sale to the specific influencer to whom that code was assigned.
  • Customize link copy and increase trust with vanity links:  Short links are good, but even better, you can name a link according to the content. Vanity links let you customize the link text that comes after the domain (aka the path). Thus,”” becomes “” Besides being easier to fit into character count restrictions, Vanity Links have been shown to increase click-through rate by 34% compared to generic links. And anecdotally, branded links appear more trustworthy than randomly generated “alphabet soup” links.

Vanity link example:

How do influencers sign up with advertisers on Impact?

If you don’t yet have an Impact account: Click the sign-up link provided by the advertiser, then use the one-click sign-up using the social account of your choice. (Depending on the advertiser’s preference, the sign-up experience may be white-labeled with the advertiser’s branding, or you may see the default Impact-branded sign-up flow.)

If you already have an Impact account: Simply respond to the advertiser’s in-platform invitation by accepting or proposing alternate terms (like a higher payout rate). Also, if you already have an Impact account, you can initiate the process and send a proposal to join the advertiser’s program.

These new features show how easy-to-use Impact is great for partners/influencers and partnership managers. Make it easy on yourself—find out how to streamline your partnership marketing by contacting us here or through your Impact representative.

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