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Good relationships start with trust. Great partnerships—the kind that drive real growth—require absolute clarity, especially when it comes to fair payment along the customer journey. That’s what you gain with Radius’s Dynamic Payouts—clarity into fair payment structures plus the ability to approach partners in a whole new way and deliver growth.

Pay for True Value With Dynamic Payouts—and Build Better Partnerships

You don’t just want to pay for conversion volume—you want to pay for the actual value that each of your partnerships brings. To do this, you need to be able to define what’s valuable to your campaign (i.e., type of conversion, type of participation) and then set your payouts to optimize for those specific elements. For example, if you can pay less for low-value conversions, your operations become more cost-efficient, and if you can pay more for high-value conversions, you incentivize partners to drive more of them.

And since not all value is driven by the last click, you need a good way to split credit between the winning click and the other partners who contributed toward the sale. Participation bonuses and dynamic payout adjustments let you pay early-funnel partners for the value they drive, while dynamically adjusting the winning click’s payout down to keep spend constant.

Essentially, with Dynamic Payouts, you achieve:

  • Vital growth for your brand, while keeping your costs in line and easily visible, which contributes to ROI and overall success
  • Value-based payment for your partners, which recognizes their contributions and drives loyalty.

How Dynamic Payouts Supports Growth

How does a payment system support growth—isn’t it just an administrative or accounting function? That’s the beauty of Dynamic Payouts: you and your partners gain absolute clarity, which allows you to to do so much more. Here are just a couple scenarios illustrating how Dynamic Payouts can help you increase revenue — and other KPIs important to your business.

Scenario 1: You have valuable partners who participate early in the conversion path, yet rarely win the coveted last click. For instance, one of your influencers introduces a lot of new prospects who eventually convert. When you can offer them a partial payout any time they contribute toward bringing in a new customer (even if they don’t get the last click), you create a recipe for growth.

Scenario 2: You’re particularly interested in protecting your margins, so you want your partners to be primarily promoting high-margin products and you want to keep your average discount percentage low. To get your partners aligned to the same goals, you can lower your overall payout rate and then increase the payout for those high-margin and low-discount sales.

Dynamic Payouts and Clarity

Dynamic Payouts removes the question of “who contributed what and why are they getting paid that?”  With the ability to adjust payouts up and down based on 100+ different factors, you can choose exactly what constitutes a high-value or low-value sale and incentivize your partners to drive high-value sales. Since the payout adjustment happens inside the contract, each partner will be able to see exactly which conditions must be met in order for their commission to be increased or reduced.

And when an upper-funnel partner receives a participation bonus, the lower-funnel partner whose payout is reduced knows from the outset exactly what their payout “floor” is and they can plan accordingly. This model removes the uncertainty that comes with haphazard “commission splitting” that promises each contributor an equal share no matter how many partners are involved in a sale.

For advertisers that choose to give early-funnel contributors participation bonuses and reduce the winning click’s payout by a corresponding amount, some back-and-forth may be required with partners and may become an ongoing part of contract negotiations. One way to keep extra transparency part of your partnership ethos is to specifically call out participation bonuses and payout reductions in your special terms as an extra visibility measure.

Strengthen your partnerships by providing absolute payment clarity with Dynamic Payouts, while increasing efficiency across your business. Take a look at the results Dynamic Payouts drove for GlassesUSA in this case study, and get started today by contacting your CSM or one of our marketing specialists here

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