To Build Her Business, Influencer and Athlete Kassidy Cook Really Dives into Numbers

Olympic diver Kassidy Cook’s career took off after the 2016 Olympics, thanks to brand partnerships. Her data-driven approach, strong communication, and emphasis on brand alignment have led to success with almost 96K Instagram followers and A-list brand collaborations.

To Build Her Business
Jaime Singson
Jaime Singson
Senior Director of Product and Content Marketing Manager
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For Kassidy Cook, calls from brands started coming in right after the 2016 Olympics, where she competed with Team USA in diving. Once she caught onto the idea of partnering, she dove in with an athlete’s commitment and perfectionism, and her career has since taken off.

“When you’re coordinating with the brand, you need to make sure you’re following all the right guidelines and that your creative twists are aligned with the brand’s core values,” she says. “And in order to have an efficient post that’s on the right time and day, you have to be able to coordinate back and forth in a timely manner.”

Kassidy also values having a relationship with her contact at a partner brand so they get to know her, her personality, and what she likes to post.  And as a natural competitor, she pays careful attention to her performance.

Measure. Improve. Repeat.

“You can get analytics via Instagram, but it won’t tell you if a user clicked on the link and if they signed up or if it was just a lead,” Kassidy says. “So I use that in combination with Impact to see if they signed up via email, if they made an order, and how much they spent on their order. And then from there, it shows you the  commission you make off of the performance of your post—it’s a great tool that has helped me become successful in this business.”

With nearly 96K followers on Instagram and solid partnerships with A-list brands, Kassidy’s data-driven approach to her craft is worth modeling.  

“I’ve been competing in diving all my life, and being able to bring that drive to the workspace and have tangible evidence that I’m performing well or need to improve has been super useful,” she adds.” I’m trying to reach a certain goal, and it has to be mutually beneficial for me and the company.”

Learn more about how Kassidy Cook builds winning partnerships in this video interview. Find out more about influencer partnerships from an Impact growth technologist at

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