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For far too long, the performance marketing industry has relied on a handful of large partners to deliver 90% of its performance revenue. Potential revenue garnered from diversified partners gets left on the table while the industry remains fixated on driving greater volume across the largest marketing partners. Meanwhile, manual recruitment models are doing very little to reverse this stagnation.

Confronting stagnation and driving growth requires real partner recruitment. It’s no longer feasible to ignore the long tail, especially with the rise of Influencers. But recruiting thousands of new partners manually is unsustainable: it would require dramatically multiplying the headcount of existing performance teams; chasing data without purpose; throwing marketing budgets at the wall to see what sticks.

This is why our team is thrilled to announce that Impact has acquired Mediarails, a CRM and marketing automation platform that automates the discovery, recruitment, and engagement of new marketing partners. Since 2008, Impact has been transforming the way marketers handle media and partnerships. With the addition of Mediarails comes a seamless workflow and new turn for the performance marketing space.

Mediarails’ automation capabilities enable marketers to create powerful partner management programs without requiring the investment in additional headcount. Paired with Radius’ powerful dynamic activation capabilities, we’ll equip marketers with the tools necessary to become a powerful engine for sustainable revenue growth.

As a part of the Impact suite of technology products, Mediarails will continue to be offered as a standalone service, working across the industry to provide partner recruitment and engagement automation.  Mediarails will continue to integrate with all networks and platforms, including Radius by Impact. We believe the market has shifted to demanding openness, transparency, interoperability and direct partnerships.  Our focus is on growing the industry as a whole through innovative technology and continuing to grow the partner marketing industry.

It’s time to expand the idea of what “affiliate marketing” means. It’s time to embrace innovative publisher models: from content producers, forums, commerce groups of premium publishers, to influencers, customer advocates, brand ambassadors and strategic business development partnerships.

The performance marketing of the future means stack harmony. Integrated performance. Data with actionable insights. Strategic partners in all shapes and sizes. And knowing exactly where your next marketing dollar needs to go.

Welcome Mediarails! We’re excited to provide the best partner marketing experience available with you. And huge congrats to co-founders Max Ciccotosto and Chris Farah and the rest of the Mediarails team for building an amazing product, driven by what today’s modern marketer demands!

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