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In order to leap forward, you need to look back at what history taught you. As part of one company that spans many cultures and countries, Impact’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team knew that we should observe Black History Month (BHM) by doing just that — reflecting on the past. 

With the obstacles we face with the pandemic, the challenge for the DEI team was figuring out how we could effectively create a reflective and transformative experience without compromising safety. We eventually landed on the idea to share inspiring content about Black history from around the world and launch a BHM virtual march to raise money for a cause. 

Walking together, all around the world

The BHM walk took place over the course of four days, February 18-21, to accommodate for weather conditions, and any employee could participate from any location by joining our group in the app. This app was able to track everyone’s steps and share the data with the group. To inspire the Impact team emotionally and musically, the BHM walk invite included a great podcast on Black history and a Black artists music playlist

In addition, Impact contributed $100 to a donation pot for every 100,000 steps logged. Our goal was to raise a total of $5,000 to benefit Black Girls Code and Code Space Trust. Turns out everyone at Impact loves a challenge, especially our APAC team, who crushed their step count! 

Impact stepped up!

The purpose of this walk was to transform our words into actions and display our solidarity with one another. My hope is that this BHM program transformed at least one person’s outlook on DEI and showed them that we all absolutely play a role in this movement for diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

We also reached our $5,000 goal, with the APAC team taking all three of the top spots! Kudos to super-walker Meng Foo from Singapore, who walked a total of 57.9 miles.

Danielle Boutte, Director of DEI Events & Initiatives, joined by her dog Bentley, did their steps around chilly NYC

Miso would like to see the BLM march become a monthly event.

Tracy Bai, Customer Success Manager, enjoying some of that Singaporean sun during her walk.

Adam Furness, Managing Director based in Sydney, snuck a quick selfie in while doing his walk.

Want to take the next step in your career with people from cultures around the world? Come find your place here at Impact.

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