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Just about anywhere on the planet, if you’re a gamer, you know Razer. The company is a global giant in devices, software, and services for the gaming industry, and they have a robust worldwide partnership channel to help them connect with gamers everywhere. 

But managing a global program can be challenging. Tracking spend across regions, handling payments in multiple currencies, and assessing bottom-line value was time-consuming and complex. The company was eager to grow its program and increase the diversity of its referral partner network, but manual program management was getting in the way.

It was time to start automating

The Razer team brought in Impact’s automation technology to provide transparency, efficiency, and control for its multi-continent partnership program.  

Impact’s detailed reporting now gives them a clear understanding of which referral partners are delivering the most high-value (and incremental) customers. Razer has also updated contract payout rules to pay referral partners more fairly. What’s more, they’ve been able to bring on more diverse and nontraditional affiliate partners like YouTube content creators and live-streamers on Twitch. 

All told, Partnership AutomationTM improved the efficiency of Razer’s partnership program by 33%, all while the company diversified its network and grew the program by 34%. 

When you can grow both in scale and efficiency—that’s a winning story. Read all the details here, or start automating like Razer did with the help of an Impact growth technologist at

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